Next Class available in
late Spring 2023

Prerequisite: High School Diploma/High School Equivalency Diploma.


  • $189, Registration; due at time of registration
  • $132, Textbook; Textbooks will be available for purchase from the Director on the first day of class. Textbooks are not available or purchase from the Bookstore or other outside sources. Students must purchase on the first day.
  • Verified Credentials – Criminal Background Check, $82.20, and urine Drug Screen, $35.
    Background check and immunization record upload are required to be completed by the second week of the course.
    The following immunizations are required:
    Hepatitis B (series of 3 doses or a Titers blood test)
    MMR (series of 2 doses or a Titers blood test)
    Varicella (Chicken Pox) (series of 2 doses or a Titers blood test)
    COVID Vaccination (religious and medical waivers are not accepted for students by the Clinical facilities)

Scholarships may be available for qualifying students. Please visit for more information. Deadline for scholarship submission is 2 weeks prior to the start date of the course. More information will be sent to students in the payment email once students have been registered.

Contact Information

Lori Watlington, Director of Health and Wellness, (336) 694-8080


Registering for Continuing Education Courses is fast and easy! You can register in person, online, or by mailing your payment with registration form. Review the available classes. You will need the Course start and end dates, course title, and course location. 

  • To register online (preferred):  Click here   to submit your registration form. Once received and registered, you will receive an email with payment instructions from Lori Watlington.