NA Refresher: Day Courses
*Prerequisite: Please email for qualifications or see the list below.

FALL 2021

45656Oct. 26 – Nov. 10CaswellM-Th, 8 – 12 p.m.None


47081Jan. 31 – Feb. 15CaswellM-Th, 1 – 5 p.m.None

Refresher Course Qualifications:

  • Current certification on the NC Nurse Aide I Registry but has not met the eight(8) hour employment requirement above.
  • Current certification in another state.
  • Certification has been expired no longer than 2 years (this gives the 2 year certification period plus 2 years of expiration) on the NC Nurse Aide I Registry.
  • Completion of a state-approved NA I training program within the past two years; for students who have failed or not attempted the NC Nurse Aide I exam. Submit evidence of course completion with your registration.
  • Military personnel who have medical/corpsman training or enrollees who have completed course(s) equivalent to the NA I content may enroll with permission of the program director.

If none of these apply to you, you must enroll in Nurse Aide I.


$125 Registration
$140 Exam

Outlook for Employment

Graduates of this curriculum may be eligible to be listed on the registry as a Nurse Aide I and Nurse Aide II. They may be employed in home health agencies, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, extended care facilities, and doctors’ offices.