How to apply:

  • Submit a completed International Application Package for Admission to the Office of Admissions. 
  • Provide evidence of sufficient financial resources. Documentation may be in the form of an official bank statement or other certified evidence of financial support. 
  • Provide evidence of proficiency in the English language.* Submit official transcripts of academic record(s) to the Office of Admissions. If the records are not in English, an official translation must be included. 
  • Completion of Admissions Placement Tests. 
  • Assistance from a counselor is available upon request. 

*Evidence of English proficiency must come in the form of a statement from the American Embassy in the prospective student’s country of origin or a score of 550 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language Examination (TOEFL). The institution code for Piedmont Community College is 5518.

Foreign Students Admissions requirements:

  • Completed Piedmont Community College admission documents submitted by the application deadline. Application for Admission, Affirmation (Attachment B). Please provide complete information. Incomplete forms will be returned to you and will result in delays in reviewing your application.
  • Completion of secondary education (equivalent to high school education in the U.S.). Provide complete, official academic records in English from secondary and postsecondary schools. Records should include courses taken, grades received and degrees or certificates earned. Records must be sent directly from secondary education institution to PCC Admissions Office. If the records are not in English, an official translation must be included.
  • Documentation of adequate financial support. Affidavit of Financial Support (Attachment D): A notarized Affidavit of Financial Support must be submitted by all applicants. It must also be accompanied by an original letter from your bank or financial institution verifying the availability of funds to support a full-time student and any accompanying dependents for each year of study. An I-20 form will not be issued until all financial documentation is received and approved.

The TOEFL is required if English is not your native language. Evidence of English Proficiency must come in the form of a statement from the American Embassy in the prospective student’s country of origin or if you have taken the TOEFL, submit your score and it will be considered as part of your placement information. To submit a TOEFL score, you must provide a copy of your official TOEFL score report or have the score reported directly to Piedmont Community College. Our institutional TOEFL code is 5518. A minimum score of 550 is required for admission.

Transfer Foreign Students Admission Requirements:

If you are currently a F-1 student in the U.S. and want to transfer to Piedmont Community, you must submit the following documents. To be eligible for transfer, you must have completed one school term at the school that issued your I-20.

  • A completed PCC Application for Admission.
  • An Affidavit of Financial Support (Attachment D) completed and notarized and accompanied by an original bank letter.
  • A Visa Clearance Form (Attachment E) completed by the International Student Advisor at your current school.
  • An official transcript from the college or university you are currently attending.
  • A completed statement of medical history signed by a practicing physician is necessary. A record of updated immunization history.
  • A photocopy of your I-20, I-94 and visa page of your passport.

Application deadlines do not apply to transfer students, but a completed application should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the start of classes to ensure adequate time to register. (See Academic Calendar ).