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PCC Instructor spent summer months improving course structure and earning new certification

Sep 1, 2021
Classes are just beginning at Piedmont Community College (PCC) as the fall semester is less than a month in. But, during the summer, the College’s faculty stayed busy preparing for the upcoming school year. Some restructured classes, others researched new teaching methods, and one sought out a new certification as society dives deeper into technology.  Read More

Senegal featured as UNC World View’s August Global Educator Spotlight

Aug 30, 2021
Original source: WorldView.UNC.edu Dr. Pamela Senegal is UNC World View’s Educator Spotlight for August 2021. She is the president of Piedmont Community College (PCC) and a member of UNC World View’s Council of Advisors. PCC serves two rural counties, Person and Caswell. Located north of Durham in Roxboro, NC, it also boasts a satellite campus  Read More

During the 230th Anniversary of the Bill of Rights, PCC will host Constitution Day celebration with historical expert Scott Washington

Aug 27, 2021
Constitution Day might not be a holiday you celebrate like Memorial Day or Independence Day, but, especially in North Carolina, it is a day filled with significance and crucial history, that proves just how important our state is in U.S. history. If you are just hearing about it now, Constitution Day recognizes the adoption of  Read More

New Person Memorial Hospital scholarship provides education, mentors, and employment to four PCC Nursing students

Aug 25, 2021
Four incoming Piedmont Community College (PCC) Nursing students were awarded scholarships to fully fund their education, provide mentorship throughout their time at the College, and offer immediate employment upon certification. PCC partnered with Person Memorial Hospital (PMH), a Duke LifePoint Hospital, to develop the scholarship opportunity and lead these four students to fulfill their career  Read More

Start a career as a Cardiovascular Tech, BioWork Process Tech, or earn new certification; Scholarships available

Aug 23, 2021
Piedmont Community College (PCC) offers an array of short-term courses. For more information on specific areas visit www.piedmontcc.edu/programs. COMPUTERS & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: Networking Technology – CompTIA Net+ Certification (scholarships available) CompTIA Network+ Certification is a baseline credential for IT infrastructure, covering troubleshooting, configuring, and managing network. N10-7 exam addresses current networking technologies, like key cloud  Read More

PCC’s Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society chapter advisor earns five-star status

Aug 17, 2021
During Piedmont Community College’s (PCC) Fall 2020 induction ceremony for its new Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) members, PCC President, Dr. Pamela G. Senegal, challenged the current and new members to strive to reach Five-Star Status. These students accepted the challenge and achieved the goal within three months. To strengthen the College’s local chapter further, PCC  Read More

PCC Board of Trustees gives ‘loud and vocal’ support of Senegal with extended contract and resolution

Aug 13, 2021
By KELLY SNOW, kellysnow@roxboro-courier.com Resolution of Support & Appreciation (click here) The Piedmont Community College Board of Trustees made a vocal and loud display of confidence in its president. The 13-member board recently voted to extend the contract of Dr. Pamela Senegal and issued a resolution of support.Senegal’s contract was set to expire at the  Read More

Agri-business courses at PCC offer a world of experience to students

Aug 12, 2021
By Mike Floyd, Caswell Messenger Any time there is historical significance connected to a pending feature story, I’m all over it. There is so much history in Caswell County to discover, all you have to do is slow down and pay attention. For instance: A story about local agri-business seemed simple enough until I went  Read More

Four opportunities remain for PCC’s Nursing hopefuls to take KNATs

Aug 4, 2021
The fall semester is approaching fast at Piedmont Community College (PCC). As the staff and faculty prepare for the new school year, students hoping to join the Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) Program, must also start preparations to take their next step forward. There are only four opportunities remaining for Nursing hopefuls to take the Kaplan  Read More

EMT short-term course is available this fall at PCC

Aug 1, 2021
Piedmont Community College (PCC) is offering a short-term course this fall to move those interested in serving their community, helping others, and saving lives, a little closer to achieving their career goals. The Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) course is available for anyone interested in becoming an EMT and begins on Aug. 18. Once completed, the  Read More