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Articles for category Workforce Development


Jeanette M. Godsey

Program Specialist, Occupational Extension and Correction Education

Calendar   Year Hired 2003

Email Address Iconjeanette.godsey digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

Telephone Number Icon  (336) 322-2156

Location Icon  Workforce Development

Education and Credentials

B.A.-Ashford University


Anita I. Lunsford

Youth WIOA Program Specialist, Workforce Development

Calendar   Year Hired 2018

Email Address Iconanita.lunsford digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

Telephone Number Icon  (336) 322-2232

Location Icon  E112

Education and Credentials

A.A.S.-Piedmont Community College


Lori L. Watlington

Director, Allied Health Programs and Scholarships, Workforce Development

Calendar   Year Hired 2006

Email Address Iconlori.watlington digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

Telephone Number Icon  (336) 694-8080

Location Icon  K216

Education and Credentials

A.A.S.-Danville Community College 
B.B.A.-Averett University 
Notary Public, State of North Carolina