Ice Breaker Assignment

Locate and complete the Ice Breaker Assignment for all courses.

If you need assistance, then contact your instructor. This assignment is important for completing enrollment!

Explore the Course

Your institution and instructors determine which menu buttons appear and how the course is organized.

Explore all your courses.

Watch Video on “Introduction to the Original Course View for Students”

Additional Information

Additional information on Course Navigation

Navigate Inside a Course

Menu Options


Displays announcements for courses you are enrolled in and from your institution.

Announcements communicate important, time-sensitive information.


Displays events that your instructors have added. You can also post private, personal events.

Additional information on Calendar

Blackboard Help webpage on Calendar

My Grades

Displays the status of gradable items such as tests, assignments, journal and blog entries, and discussion board posts. When you access your My Grades page from the Tools panel, you see grades for all the courses you are enrolled in.

Additional information on My Grades

Blackboard Help webpage on My Grades

Send Email

Send email messages to other course members. The email message goes to PCC’s Microsoft 365 Outlook address.


You and your instructors can send course messages to each other, multiple people, or an entire class. The course message will go to Blackboard Course Messages within the Inbox and Sent folders.

Additional information on Course Messages

Blackboard Help webpage on Messages


You can share thoughts and ideas about class materials.  Review Syllabus and instructions for posting and commenting expectations.

Additional information on Discussions

Blackboard Help webpage on Discussion


Syllabus and Tentative Schedule is located here. Read the syllabus, then ask your instructor any questions you have regarding it.


Assess to the tools offered for the course.

Virtual Tutoring

Links to the PCC Tutoring login page. Tutoring can be online or in-person.

Student Support (new)

Student Support button links to a webpage which provides information about locating the basic resources you will need at your institution as well as technical support.

  • Self Care Resources
  • Distance Learning
  • Learning Commons
  • Computer
  • Microsoft 365
  • Blackboard
  • Blackboard & Login Help
  • Student Support Services


Links to Blackboard Learn Help for Students where you can search by topics. Support is provided in the form of text and videos.


Assignments may take the form of writing assignments, small group assignments, class discussion (in the discussion forum), and quizzes or other assignment formats. Any resources you may need should be included in the assignment information. You may also use additional resources you research on your own.  Browse through the module assignments to get an idea of the major assignments in the course. 

Additional information on Assignments

Submit Assignments

Send a Course Message to your Instructor

Follow these steps to send a message to your instructor:

  • Click on Tools, and then select the “Course Messages” icon.
  • Click Create Message
  • Click on the “To” box. From the list of people involved with the course, select your instructor and send them introductory message.
  • Include at least one question about the course, one module that you are especially interested to cover, and whatever personal information you wish to include.

Blackboard DL Orientation

If you are taking an online or hybrid course for the first time at PCC, we strongly recommend you complete the Blackboard Online Orientation course.

To access the online orientation, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on “Courses.”
  2. Click on “Course Catalog.”
  3. Choose “Distance Education Orientation” from the “Browse Categories” drop-down box and then “Enroll.”
  4. Click “Submit.” 

One More Thing – Ice Breaker

Make sure your introductory message is in the Icebreaker discussion forum or the Ice Breaker Assignment.  This is the assignment that determines your enrollment in the course.