Our Vision

Piedmont Community College strives to be the leading contributor to the economic, educational, and cultural vitality of our communities by providing high-quality services and programs that ensure student success in personal development and professional achievement.

Our Values

The College accomplishes its mission as it embraces the following values:

Learning-Centered Philosophy
The College embraces a learning-centered instructional environment supporting multiple student learning styles.

Economic Development
The College acts as a catalyst for local and regional economic development by providing education and training to address current and emerging workforce needs.

The College provides affordable and accessible education and training.

Diversity/Globalism Citizenship
The College promotes understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures and global citizenship.

Ethics/Social Responsibility
The College values the principles of personal ethics, integrity, academic honesty, civic responsibility, and accountability.

The College provides learning resources and student development support designed to address diverse student learning styles and academic needs.

Student Success
The College values individual student success as the single best indicator of
institutional effectiveness in the community.

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