Title III Federal Grant Program's Three-Pronged Approach to Improving Student Success

Piedmont Community College is honored to receive Title III program funding from the Department of Education as part of a mission to ensure equal access to education and to promote educational excellence for all Americans. 


Here are the programs and opportunities available through this grant:

First Year Experience (FYE)

  • Student Leadership Academy
  • First-Year workshops and seminars
  • Service learning opportunities
  • Mentoring program
  • Learning communities
  • Summer Bridge Academy
  • Student engagement and retention


Transition Center

  • Tutoring and supplemental instruction
  • Support for students placed in one or more transition and co-requisite courses
  • Help students transition from non-credit into credit programs
  • New computer lab open for additional Computer Based Instruction (CBI)
  • Intrusive case management with transition coordinator
  • Holistic counseling and advising for students in transition and co-requisite courses


Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning (CETL) for PCC Faculty & Staff

  • Professional development opportunities
  • Training on new technologies
  • Advisor training
  • Onboarding first-year employees by cohort
  • Faculty/Staff Leadership Development
  • ADA compliance and Quality Matters for online instruction
  • Best practices in engaging and retaining students
Title III Contacts

Richard H. Albright

First Year Experience (FYE) Coordinator for Student Support Programs / Student Success Counselor / Mentor

Calendar   Year Hired 2019

Telephone Number Icon  (336) 322-2220

Location Icon  B108

Education and Credentials

A.A. - Miami Dade Community College
B.A. - NC A&T State University
M.Ed. - NC A&T State University


Patricia A. Alghali

Student Success Counselor

Calendar   Year Hired 2019

Telephone Number Icon  (336) 322-2220

Location Icon  E139

Education and Credentials

B.S. - North Carolina A&T State University
M.S. - North Carolina A&T State University
Ed.D. - Texas Southern University

Hunter Ashworth

Student Services Data/Outcome Analyst

Calendar   Year Hired 2019

Telephone Number Icon  (336) 322-2110

Location Icon  B115

Education and Credentials

B.S. - Averett University

Lynn Bowen

Student Success Counselor/ Transition Program

Calendar   Year Hired 2020

Telephone Number Icon  (336) 322-2165

Location Icon  B108-B

Education and Credentials

B.S. - Liberty University
M.A. - Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary


Jeannette J. Duncan

Administrative Assistant, Title III

Calendar   Year Hired 2008

Telephone Number Icon  (336) 322-2145

Location Icon  H206

Education and Credentials

A.A.-Piedmont Community College


Julie Gilliam

Director, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL)

Calendar   Year Hired 2019

Telephone Number Icon  (336) 322-2152

Location Icon  H211

Education and Credentials

B.S. - Longwood University
M.Ed. - University of Virginia
Ed.D. - University of Virginia


Melissa G. Robbins

Executive Director, Title III Programs

Calendar   Year Hired 2019

Telephone Number Icon  (336) 322-2220

Location Icon  H216

Education and Credentials

A.A.S. - Southside Virginia Community College
B.S. - Old Dominion University
M.A. - Liberty University

Joseph C. Solomon

Technology Support Technician

Calendar   Year Hired 2019

Telephone Number Icon  (336) 322-2143

Location Icon  E106

Education and Credentials

A.A. - Piedmont Community College
Extron Certified Professional