Piedmont Community College (PCC) students were recognized for their demonstration of academic excellence, leadership skills, and civic responsibility during the College’s 2021 Honors Convocation ceremony held virtually on Friday, April 28.

To watch the virtual ceremony, visit www.YouTube.com/PiedmontCC.

Dr. Pamela G. Senegal, President of PCC, praised these students for their hard work and dedication that “have enriched our campus and community-at-large.”

In addition, Dr. Barbara Buchanan, Vice President of Instruction/Chief Academic Officer of PCC shared, “Our honorees have demonstrated a passion for learning—challenging themselves and their instructors with tough questions and innovative ideas that stretch the boundaries of knowledge and open new pathways for exploration. Today, we celebrate those students who have tirelessly worked for excellence.”

The awards were presented as follows:

Gereka Richmond received the Golden Laurel Award. This award is given to the graduating students in the Associate in Arts Program with the highest grade point average.

Hannah Brann and Colton Wrenn both received the Clio Award. This honor is given to the student with the highest class average in History for the 2020-21 academic year.

Emma Frances Schumacher was awarded the Erasmus Award, acknowledging his outstanding work in a Humanities class and for exhibiting the essential spirit of the humanities: devotion to inquiry, wide-ranging curiosity, and a generous commitment to discussion.

Justice Lawson received the Excellence in English Award. This award is given to a student who has demonstrated consistent excellence in English classes.

Lena Carver was named the Renaissance recipient. This aware is given to the student in the Associate in Fine Arts – Visual Arts program who has the highest GPA and who demonstrated an aptitude for all aspects of art.

Candace Smith earned the Art Achievement Award for the impact he made during art classes, and to the art program in general, by helping others and volunteering his time and efforts.

Anna Claire Pleasant was awarded the Outstanding Orator Award. This award is given to the student who has excelled within the subject of Public Speaking ( COM 231 ) as demonstrated by high marks received for all four speaking assessments, adaptability to each speaking occasion, improved vocal and physical delivery, and an understanding of the role of an audience within each speaking event.

Devin Butler was awarded the Maslow Award, an honor that is given to the students in a Social or Behavioral Science course who have demonstrated a personal quest for self-actualization by pursing his/her personal happiness and fulfillment.

Lindsey Dunkley and Charlotte Fitzgerald received the Excellence in Stem Award, given to students in the Associate in Science degree program with the highest grade point average.

Kaelin Leonard received the Stem Momentum Award. This award is given to a student in the Associate in Science degree program that demonstrates great effort and promise in the STEM field and has also been recognized by his/her instructor for his/her hard work and diligence.

Jonathan Bradsher was awarded the Outstanding Chemistry Award for earning an “A” in Chemistry 151 and holding a midterm grade of “A” in Chemistry 152.

Olaa Moazeb earned the Outstanding Biology Award for having an “A” in BIO 111 and a midterm grade of “A” in BIO 122.

In addition, Olaa Moazeb was awarded the Outstanding Mathematician Award. This award is given to students who earned an “A” in Math 171 and whose midterm grade in Math 172 is also an “A”.

Outstanding Graduate awards were given to:

  • Joseph Adcock (Accounting and Finance)
  • Brittany Brown (Associate Degree Nursing)
  • Summer Chambers (Cosmetology – Person County Campus)
  • Creavon Clayton (Office Administration)
  • Tabita Cribb (Healthcare Management Technology/Medical Coding)
  • Nicholas Dunkley (Information Technology)
  • Caitlyn Farthing (Digital Effects and Animation Technology)
  • Manuel Gil (Criminal Justice Technology)
  • Trevor Greene (Public Safety Administration)
  • Zoe Hodgin (Medical Assisting)
  • Clarisa Ignacio (Medical Assisting)
  • Matthew Jennings (Gunsmithing Technology)
  • Tonya Parker (Medical Office Administration)
  • David Poindexter (Certified Production Technician)
  • Elissa Pruitt (Early Childhood Education)
  • Stephen Slade (Agribusiness Technology)
  • Hannah Smith (Business Administration)
  • Laticia Springfield (Information Technology)

Outstanding Student awards were given to:

  • Amy Barbee (Information Technology)
  • Logan Bates (Mechatronics Engineering Technology)
  • Elizabeth Betts (Medical Office Administration)
  • Michael Bobbitt (Information Technology)
  • Joline Bumphus (Human Services Technology)
  • Leslie Clack (Associate Degree Nursing)
  • Emily Craig (Digital Effects and Animation Technology)
  • Camille Daye (Accounting and Finance)
  • Mary Flores (Office Administration)
  • Cassandra Foltz (Criminal Justice Technology)
  • John Francisco (Electrical Power Production Technology)
  • Pamela Furstenau (Public Administration Technology)
  • Rodney Colin Garrett (Agribusiness Technology)
  • William Graham (Gunsmithing Technology)
  • Anisha Hawley (Cosmetology – Caswell County Campus)
  • Jazmere Mims (Cosmetology – Caswell County Campus)
  • Kayleigh Mullen (Cosmetology – Person County Campus)
  • Elizabeth Reiter (Early Childhood Education)
  • Amy Richardson (Human Services Technology)
  • Caleb Smith (Industrial Systems Technology)
  • Caleb Smith (Mechatronics Technology)
  • Paul Smith (Welding Technology – Caswell County Campus)
  • Nancy Thompson (Healthcare Management Technology/Medical Coding)
  • Joanna Weaver (Early Childhood Education)
  • Jonathan Willis (Business Administration
  • Keith Woods (Certified Logistics Technician)

Demonstrating excellence in clinical settings, Melaine James was recognized for Medical Assisting and Julisa Lea received the honor for Associate Degree Nursing.

The following students were recognized as Career and College Promise Bright Stars: Joanna Richardson (Person County Home School), Jordan Bradsher (Person High School), Luis Rodriguez-Martinez and Katherine Wallace (Bartlett-Yancey High School), and Anna Claire Pleasant (Roxboro Community School). These students participated in the Career and College Promise Program and demonstrated the following character traits: caring, respectful, integrity, fair, responsible, trustworthy, honest, initiative, perseverance, and responsible. They also demonstrated good leadership and teamwork.

Christopher McCurdy was named Outstanding High School Equivalency Skills Graduate while Berenice Aurora Trejo Cabrera was awarded the Adult Basic Skills Student Award acknowledging their demonstrated academic excellence, leadership, and achievement.

The first Tittle III Outstanding Performer Award was given to Sheila Fernos for her excellence in program participation.

Sheila Fernos was also honored with the Pacer Leadership Award. This award is given to the student leader in a club or organization who demonstrates outstanding leadership and service to the College community.

Makayla Mayberry and Sheila Fernos were both awarded the Learning Commons Champion Award. This award is given to a Caswell County and a Person County student who strives to exceed their potential by using the Learning Commons throughout their academic journey.

Shelton O’Briant earned the Men of Success Award, an honor given to an active member of the club who has achieved academic excellence. The recipient is required to maintain a cumulative 3.0 GPA.

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