Dr. Pamela Senegal is UNC World View’s Educator Spotlight for August 2021. She is the president of Piedmont Community College (PCC) and a member of UNC World View’s Council of Advisors. PCC serves two rural counties, Person and Caswell. Located north of Durham in Roxboro, NC, it also boasts a satellite campus dedicated to Caswell County in Yanceyville, NC. PCC celebrated 50 years of service and education in North Carolina in 2020.

Dr. Senegal’s interest in global education was sparked as a military kid hopping between bases across the world. “This impacted my decision to major in Spanish and study abroad,” she explained, “It was life-changing.” PCC helps replicate that life-changing experience for others under Dr. Senegal’s leadership. It is a partner of the  Scholar of Global Distinction Program, which provides a framework for community college students to get recognition and credentials for global activities and study, including study abroad. “Global Distinction is especially important in rural communities,” Dr. Senegal remarked, “Plus, we have companies [here that are] headquartered all over the world which is an important aspect of diversity.” Making global a priority in her community is one reason she is such an important member of the  Council of Advisors.

Dr. Senegal doesn’t only use her position on the Council to share her expertise, however. “I have learned a lot from others,” she stated. UNC World View is honored to serve participants from PCC and we’re proud to say that Dr. Senegal is part of that group as well. As a member of the inaugural  Global Education Leaders Program Abroad Study Visit, she traveled to Ireland with other North Carolina education leaders serving students K-12 and community college. Dr. Senegal also noted the impact of speakers at stateside UNC World View programs, like the  Richardson Lecture  which featured Holocaust survivors Shelly Weiner and Rachel Kizhnerman in 2019.

Despite the global pandemic, the Scholar of Global Distinction Program maintained a strong graduating class across the state. Dr. Senegal noted that the certification of students through the program during such an unusual year has energized the students and faculty on her campus. Although it seems that uncertainty is the new status quo, Dr. Senegal is still striving to globalize her campus further. She noted preliminary efforts to create a study abroad program at PCC and build an even stronger network of externship and internship opportunities abroad. “Right now it is necessary to offer virtual options as well as face-to-face options when possible,” she continued, “We are finding new ways to globalize in spite of physical distancing requirements.” We’re excited to see where Dr. Senegal’s intrepid efforts take her campus, her students, and her faculty. Thank you for your ongoing support of global education and your service to UNC World View, Dr. Senegal!

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