Ready to get a concealed carry permit? This class is required prior to applying for you permit through their local sheriff’s department.

Ready to get your conceal carry permit?

Here are the steps:
1) Take the Handgun Safety course (required course)

2) Apply for a permit through your sheriff’s department

Other requirements: US citizen, resident of NC for at least 30 days; 21 years of age or older; no indictments, felony record, violent misdemeanor, or impaired driving offense (in last 3 years).

Meet the instructor
William Burwell is a PCC instructor with over 20 years of teaching experience. He is a NRA certified basic pistol and rifle firearms instructor, retired law enforcement, retired military and a North Carolina Justice Academy certified concealed carry instructor.

Current Course Schedules

Program Contacts

Nancy S. Oberman
Director/Instructor, Law Enforcement Training
(336) 694-4013 | Public Safety Training Center
Roy E. Allen
Dean, Public Safety and Human Services
(336) 322-2194 | L118

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