On Wednesday, May 18, Piedmont Community College (PCC), in collaboration with the Caswell County Chamber of Commerce and the Caswell Economic Development Office, is hosting a community-wide Pacer’s Perspectives event to discuss the “Caesars Virginia” casino coming to Danville, VA. The event, which is free and open to the public, will open a dialogue to where community members can learn about opportunities and implications the casino will bring to Caswell County.

Emily Buchanan, Director, Caswell County Operations at PCC said, “We’re hosting this event to give the community members an opportunity to speak with two people who have had a direct hand in the casino coming to Danville.”

These two presenters leading the event are Steven Gould, legal representative from SoVa Legal and spokesperson for Caesars, and Corrie Bob the director of Economic Development in Danville, who will talk through how the casino could possibly affect life in Caswell County, particularly regarding land use and economic development.

“If you do a quick search online of how casinos affect the community, you will find that they do have a big impact,” Buchanan said. “Some things are really good and new jobs will be available, but there are also concerns, including community change, tourism, employee housing, employee training, and other businesses that may also open. I think it will be helpful for our community to learn as much as possible to put us in the best position to benefit from it.”

Amanda Hodges, Executive Director, Caswell County Chamber of Commerce added, “The most important thing to the community is open communication. The project will bring opportunity and challenges to our community, and it is important for the citizens to realize that. Providing this chance, a Pacers’ Perspectives, to allow residents to ask questions so they feel more comfortable with the project is incredibly important, and I hope they utilize this opportunity.”

The opening of the casino is also bridging relationships between communities as PCC, for the first time, is working together with the Economic Development Office in Danville, VA. Members of PCC traveled with members of Danville’s Economic Development Office to the casino in Cherokee, NC to gather ideas and spur conversations of how they can support community efforts in a way that benefits area citizens.

For now, some of the biggest questions that surround the casino include concerns of local ordinances and zoning. Simultaneously, residents are also considering the opportunity for new employment (the casino will bring 1,300 jobs), as well as the advantages that increased traffic could bring to the area.

“Right now, the casino seems like a big mystery to a lot of people, so we hope this event will help people feel more at ease as they receive access to information and feel heard on this topic,” Buchanan said.

Pacers’ Perspectives will be held at Piedmont Community College’s Caswell County Campus on May 18, at 6 p.m. in Building K, Room 202-203. The event is free and open to the public and refreshments will be provided to attendees.

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