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To Our Fellow Citizens:   

The Piedmont Community College (PCC) Board of Trustees is confident that an exemplary college president is key to ensuring the viability and success of the college and therefore strongly supports the leadership of Dr. Pamela Senegal and appreciates her dedication and commitment to PCC and the community.  

A college president must be visible, have collaborative leadership skills, and be accessible to all constituents at the college level and in the communities it serves. Additionally, it is essential that the president is skilled at developing partnerships with business and industry, educational organizations, and cultural and civic organizations. Other significant and necessary skills include accessibility to the students and responsiveness to their diverse needs to help them become productive citizens and life-long learners.  Dr. Pamela Senegal proves that she is proficient in all these areas and beyond. 

We are thankful for the Board-President Relationship that exists at PCC. According to the “Trustee Quarterly”-Spring 2021, “The Board-President Relationship in a community college is said to be the most critical in the organization.”   

The president and her leadership team bring a mission-critical vision to properly involve, train, and encourage faculty and staff to ensure that students have real-world instruction with experienced faculty and real-time training using modern technology and equipment. As trustees, we endeavor to ensure feasibility, success, and the safety of students and staff by focusing on policy, setting strategic direction, and empowering the president in the areas of program initiation and operation.  Dr. Senegal has shown us what a college president is capable of doing with cooperative board assistance, sound judgment, mutual respect, open communication, and a supportive environment. 

We, the trustees of PCC, are proud of the accomplishments of Dr. Senegal and her administrative faculty and staff. As they have stood in the best of times, they continue to stand – and succeed – in the worst of times. The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to PCC and every community college in the United States and beyond. Yet, the College, “YOUR Hometown College,” has responded with agility and resiliency, standing as a shining example and beacon of hope for the citizens of Person and Caswell counties. Through steadfast leadership, compassion and creativity, the college continues its relentless drive toward excellence in the areas of economic, educational, and cultural vigor by providing high quality services, programs, technologies, facilities, and all possible resources that enable students to succeed personally and professionally.  

As citizens and trustees of PCC, we wholeheartedly support the leadership, and vision of Dr. Senegal and the College in their efforts to transform lives and secure necessary resources needed to prepare students and the community for the success they deserve – both in the best of times and in these challenging times as well.  

Joel Adler

Delores P. Ali

Phillip Allen 

Ronald K. Booker

Shirley Deal

Tanya Evans 

Antonio Foster

Michael L. Graves

Bob Morgan 

Connee White

Maggie Whitt

Larry Wilkerson 

Adam Wolfe

James. J. Woody 

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