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Registration continues through Aug. 20 as PCC begins its 43rd year

Published Monday, August 19, 2013
by Elizabeth Townsend

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Piedmont Community College will begin its 43rd year of offering college classes next week, and there’s excitement in the air. The new school year brings a brand-new bookstore, enlarged and well-stocked to serve students, faculty, staff and the public. It also brings three new programs of study, implementation of the College’s QR4U project to enhance students’ quantitative reasoning skills, and new opportunities for campus involvement.

“I’ve been involved in the opening of the college year for 33 years now, but each one is still exciting and different. There’s always a sense of renewal and rebooting for the new year,” said Lee Proctor, Dean, Student Development at PCC.

Fall semester classes begin Monday, Aug. 19, but PCC classes begin throughout the week registration will continue on Monday and Tuesday, Aug. 19 and 20. To register, students should come to the Student Development Office in Building E on the Person County Campus between 9 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.

“If you haven’t registered yet, don’t feel like you’ve missed your opportunity,” said Proctor. “You still have time to get into our regular 16-week semester classes.”

Proctor encouraged people who plan to register next week to look at the PCC website ( and complete the online application before they come to campus to register. “If they don’t, the first thing we’re going to have them do when they get here is go online and do it, so doing it before they get here will speed up their enrollment process.”

He also suggested that prospective students complete the online orientation to receive helpful information prior to coming to register. “There’s a lot of good information there to help them prepare to enroll,” he said.

Students may still apply for federal financial aid through Pell Grants, but since there’s about a two-week lag in processing those applications, later-comers might want to use PCC’s payment plan that allows them to spread their payments over a three-month period. Once they receive approval of financial aid, they may choose to cancel the payment plan.

Students who plan to take Saturday classes may register through Saturday, Aug. 24, the first day those classes will be offered. Students who want to take advantage of PCC’s 13-week classes beginning Sept. 10 also may register now. Many of those classes are designed to accommodate high school students’ schedules and include a good number of University Transfer courses. Registration for the 13-week classes is not limited to next Monday and Tuesday, but is ongoing through the start of those classes.

“We try to be as flexible as we can and make getting started in college as easy as possible,” said Proctor. “We offer online, hybrid, Saturday, and night classes to give people options. We try to take the excuse out of coming to college.”

Three new programs are being offered this fall for the first time. These are: Historic Preservation Technology, Computer Technology Integration, and Healthcare Technology. Historic Preservation teaches the foundation of historic preservation theory and practiced and including topics such as archival research as well as hands-on classes such as building renovation, and field data collection. Computer Technology Integration offers student four IT tracks of study: Desktop and Network Support, Computer Programming, Emerging Information Technology, and Web Technology. Healthcare Technology is a one-year certificate program that offers additional training and certifications for people who already have their Certified Nursing Assistant I credential.

To see all PCC’s programs of study as well as the Fall Semester class schedule, visit the PCC Admissions Offices on either campus or go to the PCC website at