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PCC honors student Tutors of the Year

Published Thursday, May 17, 2012

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Piedmont Community College’s Academic Success Center honored its student tutors and named two Tutors of the Year during celebrations on May 1 on the Person County Campus and on May 2 on the Caswell County Campus.  Ronald K. Booker Jr. was named Tutor of the Year for the Person County Campus, and Jacqueline L. Jones was named Tutor of the Year for the Caswell County Campus.  

Throughout the fall and spring semesters, students receiving tutoring voted for the Tutor of the Month. Tutor of the Year was awarded to the individual receiving the most cumulative votes throughout the academic year. All ASC tutors were honored and acknowledged at recent celebrations.     Booker tutored math students on the Person County Campus and helps them enjoy and understand math. “Ron is patient, knowledgeable, friendly, shows concern for students, and helps me understand,” commented one student on the ballot.  Booker graduated this month, receiving an Associate of Science degree and an Associate of Arts degree in University Transfer.   

Jones assisted Caswell County Campus students learning to use computer applications such as Microsoft Office and Blackboard.  One student wrote: “Jackie Jones is a very nice person who breaks things down so I can understand my work better.”  Jones currently holds an Associate’s degree in Criminal Justice and is working toward an Associate in Science degree in Business and Accounting at PCC.   

At the Person County celebration, faculty, staff, and students enjoyed refreshments, music, and entertainment provided by Spoken Word poet Dasan Ahanu, one of the founders of the Black Poetry Theater in Durham.  

Entertainment at the Caswell celebration was provided by Spoken Word poet Kimberly McCrae, also member of the Black Poetry Theater in Durham.  

Other student tutors who were honored as Tutors of the Month were: Joey Sanders, Sharon Taylor, Kristi Irby, Tierra Henderson, Georgette Ambruso, Barbara Younger, Kyle Longacre, Will Buslinger, Drake Howell, and Anne Stout.  

PCC’s Academic Success Center offers free tutoring for registered PCC students in a wide range of subjects, such as Math, Writing, Sciences, and Basic Computer Applications.  The student tutors come highly recommended by faculty and excel in their given subject matter.