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PCC to host first College of Global Distinction “Passport” activity featuring Dr. Senegal’s journey to Ireland; event open to the public via Zoom

Published Friday, September 4, 2020
by Elizabeth Townsend

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In 2019, Piedmont Community College (PCC) was recognized as a Global Distinction School by The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s (UNC) World View program. Since that time, instructors have globalized courses and efforts were made to increase globally focused opportunities for current and incoming students.

As a College of Global Distinction, students attending PCC have the opportunity to earn a unique global credential. To do so, student should:
• Successfully complete 15 credit hours of globalized classes;
• Participate in at least eight "PCC Passport Activities" (international activities and dialogues);
• Gain 30 hours of global experience through study abroad or domestic intercultural experience;
• Complete a capstone presentation related to your two-year experience as a global scholar.

Global Distinction institutions commit to develop and offer globally intensive courses and activities through which students can earn a global distinction credential. Currently, PCC offers 11 courses that fit this model. They are in the areas of art, English, Spanish, history, and biology. Instructors are adding new courses each semester.

World View and its UNC partners, including UNC’s five U.S. Department of Education-funded area studies programs, called National Resource Centers, and UNC University Libraries, provide support and access to knowledge, networks and grant funding needed to develop those course offerings and support students’ global education.

PCC’s first Passport activity, scheduled for Thursday, September 10 at 12 p.m. over Zoom, is open to students, as well as community members. The focus will be on Dr. Pamela G. Senegal’s, PCC President, visit to Ireland through UNC World View’s Global Education Leaders Program Abroad.

Senegal, along with other educational leaders, visited K-12 schools, colleges, significant historic and cultural sites, and global businesses connected to the state of North Carolina. This unique experience allowed the participants to witness first-hand North Carolina as a global state by underscoring economic and cultural ties to Ireland.

In addition, the group joined round table discussions with international educators and reviewed best practices in a variety of leadership areas.

The experience created a cohort of global education leaders who will now foster a pipeline of students, K-14, as they prepare for the opportunities and challenges of today’s world.

If you are interested in taking this walk through Dr. Senegal’s Ireland experience, visit to easily click the Zoom link.
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