Matt Eaker

In 2016, Matt Eaker completed his application for part-time employment at Piedmont Community College (PCC). He was referred through Vocational Rehabilitation to Person Industries for employment and was found to have the skills perfect for a part-time position in PCC’s Buildings and Grounds department.

In late September of this year, Matt celebrated his second anniversary as a PCC employee.

Alisa Humphries, Field Supervisor for Person Industries (PI), provides Matt with training opportunities and guidance that has led to his success at work, especially given that this is his first job. “Matt possess a strong work ethic along with very good morals and values. He is very eager to learn and try new job duties”, she comments. “He truly takes pride in his work.”

Matt’s role at PCC includes keeping the campus clean and providing a welcoming environment for students, employees, and visitors; however, he goes above and beyond his duties on a regular basis.

“He’s always willing to help out the other employees, lifting boxes, holding doors, anything to save someone a few extra steps while completing their own tasks. He takes great pride in his work,” Humphries goes on to say.

Offering a friendly smile to all he meets, Matt is also willing to help with directions or answering questions. “Sometimes, if a student needs information, I tell them what I know. I try to direct them and show them where a certain location is on campus,” Matt says with pride.

When asked about what he likes best about working at PCC, Matt first mentioned the employees and how he thinks of everyone like family. “I like working here. Bruce [Chisholm] has been a nice boss. Tracey [Melton], Cory [Melton], and Judy [Lee] were so kind to help me when my father passed away.” He also referred to his other co-workers as work-brothers and sisters, and said how Ms. D., who formerly worked in PCC’s Food Services area, was such a “lovely and kind-hearted woman.”

In addition, Matt shared that he likes the independence he has in his position, as well as the ability to earn money to pay his own bills.

Matt EakerWorking part-time, three days per week, Matt’s PCC supervisor and director or Buildings and Grounds, Bruce Chisholm, says, “Matt is very friendly and cares about people. He is always on time for work and asks me if there’s anything else he can do to help the overall department every day. Matt can be depended on to do his job and anything that is asked of him. He is a very likable young man and we are lucky to have him here.”

PI is a community rehabilitation program that trains people with disabilities for community jobs. In 2017, the group assisted over 140 individuals.

Employees received on-the-job work experiences through PI’s onsite and community employment groups. The organization’s mission is to empower and assist individuals in achieving their vocational and personal goals, making it a natural partnership for the College. Visit to learn more about PI and all they have to offer in our Person County.

Photo: Matt Eaker

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