Bob Page, internationally known speaker, instructor, author, and paramedic, recently shared his knowledge at Piedmont Community College (PCC) in a two-day seminar, his only scheduled seminar in North Carolina this year. During the event, Page worked with students from as far as Tennessee, teaching his Multi-Lead Medics 12 Lead course and Capnography course.

Page has presented seminars across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, the Middle East, and Japan. He is recognized for his energetic, humorous, and motivational style by taking ordinarily dry and hard to teach topics and transforming them into a fun, learning experience.

An instructor of over 40 years, teaching a variety of adult education courses from customer service to advanced medical care, Page is a nationally registered paramedic and a critical care paramedic. He is also a Nationally Certified EMS Educator and has been involved in EMS since 1978 when he became a CPR instructor.

What the students said about participating in the two-day seminar with Bob Page:
• “Piedmont Community College helped to improve the EMS community by hosting Bob Page. He offers great insight into the complicated world of 12 leads and Capnography. All medical professionals should take advantage of his teachings when possible. He is fun and intergenic and I learned a lot.” Chris Albert, Paramedic, Rockingham County EMS – Stokesdale, NC

• “Bob Page inspires me to be a better paramedic! His instruction is exciting and easy to understand.” Kim Whitehurst, Lt Paramedic, Bob Page; Chris Albert, Paramedic, Rockingham County EMS – Stokesdale, NC; Alan R Eury, Senior Paramedic/FTO, Stanly County EMS – Oakboro, NCDare County EMS – Columbia, NC

• “This class was a Game Changer, very eye opening!” Bryan Evans, Paramedic, Dare County EMS – Elderton, NC

• “Bob Page is a true educator, his class gives you a great understanding of 12 Leads cardiac rhythms and Capnography. He delivers the material in a way that enables you to take it back and use daily to improve your patient care. He is an advocate and supporter for EMS providers, making a difference and helping us become better care providers. We are grateful and appreciate everything he has done and continues to do to educate.” Gina Dixon, AEMT, Dare County EMS – Outer Banks, NC

• “The Bob Page EKG/Capnography seminar was informative, practical, and concise. Bob Page combined research – based information with a light hearted and entertaining delivery. He is clearly passionate about the topics he teaches, and does a wonderful job of communicating in a way that is easily understood and memorable. I would highly recommend this course to any/all medical professionals who want to break away from ‘protocol-thinking’ to independent critical thinking.” Ashley Patterson, Combat Paramedic Student, Fort Bragg, NC

• “Bob Page’s 12 lead and Capnography classes are crafted to maintain interest and facilitate actual understanding. He is able to provide you with an understanding of the subject in plain English and is an actual subject matter expert.” Montana McCarthy, Combat Paramedic Student, Fort Bragg, NC

• “Bob’s classes are a great insight of evidence based medicine and what is really going to benefit your patients. His emphasis on knowledge of physiology and understanding what out text books leave out is ground breaking for the EMS profession” Briana Rivera, Combat Paramedic Student, Fort Bragg, NC

• “The EKG/Capnography seminar was informative and enjoyable. It was broken down very well. Learned information that I did not know that I didn’t know. Very passionate about teaching.” Susan Rice, Combat Paramedic Student, Fort Bragg, NC

• “Being a newer medic, I have been told to ‘Go see Bob Page”. Attending this seminar has opened my eyes to things I didn’t know and polished up things I have been taught. I think this has been one of the most interactive seminars I have attended. I will be back!! (And bringing others).” Jacqueline Peterman, Paramedic, Lee County EMS – Sanford, NC

• “Thank you for this great class. It has made me think more. I plan on using it at Lee County EMS and at Cumberland County EMS. I am a seasoned Paramedic and have worked in two states. Lead II No Clue has been my motto for several years now it’s going to be Slap the Cap” Paula Ramirez, National Registry Paramedic, Lee County EMS – Cameron, NC

• “I have been to Bob Page’s Class twice now, both times I have learned something new. His class is very informative and clinically proven by research. I find his class very entertaining keeping my attention throughout his presentation. I will always attend any class he has. Whenever he is in my area.” Regina Becraft, Paramedic, Caswell County EMS – Elon, NC

• “Three hours was a long way to drive but it was worth it to come sit in on the Bob Page 12 lead and Capnography class. He travels everywhere teaching this and Person County was the closest to me. I’m excited to take back what I learned to the service I work for and improve patient care.” Jerry Wallace, Paramedic, Stanly County EMS – Oakboro, NC

• “With the knowledge that I have learned in these classes I’m excited to take this back to our service to improve the patient care. I drove 3 hours from Stanly County to Person County to attend this class. It was worth the drive and time. As a FTO with Stanly County EMS, I want to take this knowledge back and pass it to the other medics.” Alan R Eury, Senior Paramedic/FTO, Stanly County EMS – Oakboro, NC

About PCC’s EMS program:
Piedmont Community College’s EMS is approved by the North Carolina Department of Emergency Management Services and is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs upon the recommendation of the Committee on Accreditation of Education Programs for the EMS Professions (CoAEMSP).

Students participate in an intensive program consisting of lecture and lab plus practical skills sessions and case studies. PCC offers state-of-the-art patient simulation equipment and students engage in additional hours of clinical education at area hospitals and out-of-hospital environments. Students who successfully complete the course are eligible to take the appropriate North Carolina State Exam to become certified at that level.

For additional information, visit or contact Heather Albert, Director at (336) 694-4013 or

Photos: Bob Page; Chris Albert, Paramedic, Rockingham County EMS – Stokesdale, NC; Alan R Eury, Senior Paramedic/FTO, Stanly County EMS – Oakboro, NC

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