Piedmont Community College’s (PCC) Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Club, otherwise known as the STEM Club, organized a guided tour of Spuntech Industries, Inc. for club members and other interested students.


With headquarters in Israel, one of Spuntech’s three locations is in Person County. The company produces a wide range of high quality spunlace fabrics used for applications across a range of product.


“It was phenomenal to see such a huge operation right here in Roxboro. We had a wonderful tour seeing all of the impressive machinery, learning how the technology works together and getting to know the staff at Spuntech,” commented Katie Hester, PCC Biology Instructor and advisor of the STEM Club, after the tour.”

In STEM Club visits Spuntech Industries addition to STEM Club members, students majoring in various technical programs at PCC were also encouraged to attend. “It is aweso me that Spuntech has opened their doors to Piedmont Community College.  This visit allowed our students from technical programs and the STEM club a chance to see first-hand that what they are learning [in the classroom] is more than just theory and has real-world application,” said Mac McCormick, Instructor, Electrical Power Production Technology.

When asked about the experience, PCC students shared the following comments:

“The tour was an exciting opportunity to get a first-hand look the innovation and technology of the manufacturing process at Spuntech.  It was wonderful to learn about one of the important industries where PCC graduates can have a meaningful career locally, as well as one of the ways Roxboro and Person County have an impact economically.” – Ayla Dunn  

“The Spuntech tour was a very informative and positive experience that opened my eyes to local career opportunities available to me and my classmates.” – Zac Dailey

“I enjoyed my visit to Spuntech.  It was very informative and gave me insight into the world of industry.  While working as an intern at a power plant, I have a growing curiosity of the various ways industries operate and the equipment is used.  Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all of our questions with great detail.  I can see Spuntech as a possible future job.  There seems to be a friendly work environment as well as a good source for on-the-job training in the ever growing manufacturing industries.” – Jake Rice

“I was impressed with how neat and clean the facilities were at Spuntech.  I also liked how knowledgeable the employee’s that toured us around the plant were.” – Zeandre Davis

“When I was at Spuntech everyone there was friendly.  I could tell they had a good work environment.” -Antonio Perez

“When I visited the plant, it was something new.  I have a better understanding of how the products are made.” -Jose Ceja

“The tour through Spuntech was very eye opening for me.  I never knew how much work was put into making the fabric.  It seemed like a nice place to work.  It was a clean work environment and all of the employees were very nice.  It kind of click for me now to see what I’ve been learning at PCC is in the real world and I understood a lot of what I was looking at.  I would highly recommend Spuntech to anyone that is looking for a good job.” – Logan Yarbrough

“I truly enjoyed my visit to Spuntech.  I feel it was a well-organized environment.  Our tour guide was very helpful ensuring that we understood the process and the procedures that their employees go through on a daily basis.  I also thought highly of the cleanliness of the plant and believe it would be a great place to seek future employment.” – Sam Sizemore

“ The Human Resources department at Spuntech indicated they want to be the employer of choice for Roxboro, and you could tell that through the employees. They really seemed to appreciate their jobs,” Hester shared. “It was also nice to hear that most of the employees we spoke with received their education here at PCC.”

Representatives from PCC and Spuntech work together to guarantee that short-term training and curriculum programs provide the instruction needed to develop an educated workforce. These programs include:

  • BioWork Process Technician – This course brings together the basics of manufacturing technology and the fundamentals of science!
  • Certified Logistics Technician (CLT): Provides the opportunity to earn two national credentials: Certified Logistics Associate and a mid-level Certified Logistics Technician. The next class begins with a free orientation on January 16. Call 322-2156 to save your seat! Certified Production Technician (CPT): Offers training for national certification in four areas: Safety Awareness, Manufacturing Processes, Quality Practices, and Maintenance Awareness. The next class begins January 4. Call (336) 322-2156 to register!
  • Siemens Level I: Upon successful completion of this Mechatronics based program, students take the Siemens Level 1 Certification Exam and are eligible to obtain college credit by examination. The next free orientation for this program begins on February 5. Call (336) 322-2156 to save your seat!
  • Electrical Systems: Provides students with the skills and technical background required for entry-level employment in the installation and maintenance of electrical/electronic systems found in residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. Contact Mac McCormick at (336) 322-2178 or mac.mccormick@piedmontcc.edu for details.
  • Electrical Power Production: Teaches students the skills and technical background required for entry-level employment in the operation of modern non-nuclear fueled power facilities. Contact Mac McCormick at (336) 322-2178 or mac.mccormick@piedmontcc.edu for more information.
  • Industrial Systems Technology: Prepares or upgrades individuals to safely service, maintain, repair, or install equipment. Instruction includes theory and skill training needed for inspecting, testing, troubleshooting, and diagnosing industrial systems. Contact David Wehrenberg at (336) 322-2135 or david.wehrenberg@piedmontcc.edu for additional information.


Photo: STEM Club visits Spuntech Industries

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