Bartlett Yancey High School students studying Digital Effects & Animation Technology at Piedmont Community College through the Career and College Promise program visited the NC Museum of Art in December.

During the visit, students spent time viewing the Museum’s permanent collection, including European paintings from the Renaissance to the 19th, Egyptian funerary art, sculpture and vase paintingDEAT students at Museum from ancient Greece and Rome, American art of the 18th through 20th centuries, African art, and Jewish ceremonial objects.

Students were also engaged in discussion after viewing Bill Viola’s video, The Quintet of Remembrance. This work is displayed on a large video screen, showing a one-minute shot of five mourning people slowed down to play over 15 1/2 minutes. The students learned that this piece is an example of animation displayed as wall art.

In addition, students were given the opportunity to view artwork and writings from Leonardo da Vinci and M. C. Escher. The Codex Leicester , a 500-year-old notebook from inventor, scientist, and artist Leonardo da Vinci was on display. The themes of da Vinci’s work at the Museum are water, astronomy, light and shade, and mechanics.

Escher’s work included more than 130 woodcuts, lithographs, wood engravings, and mezzotints, as well as numerous drawings, watercolors, wood blocks, and lithographic stones “never before exhibited”, according to the Museum’s website.

In a self-portrait, Escher is reflected in the mirrored surface of the sphere. As a hands-on experiment, Museum staff set up mirrored spheres for the visitors to create their own self-portraits. The students attending this unique field trip created their own version of this work, as shown in the photograph.

The da Vinci and Escher exhibits will be on display at the NC Museum of Art until January 17 and 24 respectively.

About Career and College Promise

The Career and College Promise program provides seamless dual enrollment educational opportunities for eligible North Carolina high school students in order to accelerate completion of college certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees that lead to college transfer or provide entry-level job skills.

Opportunities to participate in Career and College Promise classes are available in Caswell and Person Counties. For more information, visit or contact Katrina Madden, Caswell County Transition Coach at or Suzanne Beshears, Person County Transition Coach at

About Digital Effects & Animation Technology
The Digital Effects & Animation Technology program gives you the skills to create animation and graphics for electronic games, television, film and online media. PCC offers hands-on training with computer art and animation programs like Autodesk Maya and the Adobe Creative Suite.

In addition to raising their technical abilities, students in the Digital Effects & Animation Technology program at PCC will also acquire essential skills such as: teamwork, project-based assignments, portfolio production, design and animation principals, and recognition of best practices and industry standards. To learn more about the Digital Effects and Animation Technology program, visit or contact instructor Paula Hindman at

Photo: Bartlett Yancey High School students studying Digital Effects & Animation Technology at Piedmont Community College through the Career and College Promise program posing for a picture that mimics M. C. Escher’s spherical designs.

Students in the picture: Nathan Jones, Erick Hernandez, Eduardo Escobar, Nick Walker, Justin Overman, Julio Torres, and John Rowland.

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