New Students* enrolled full time will get a FREE PCC laptop

  • I am a new student*
  • I registered for Fall classes before August 1
  • I registered for 12 or more credits in Fall 2022 and will register for 12 or more credits in Spring 2023
  • I will finalize payment of tuition & fees by August 1
  • I will attend Welcome Weekend on August 6

You will be asked to sign a contract noting:

  • You will enroll in 12 or more credits in Spring 2023.
  • If you drop classes and no longer meet the criteria, a computer fee of $350 will be paid to PCC.
  • Promissory Note

Who can get a laptop?

  • The awards will be given to the first 200 new students that register and meet the eligibility requirements.
  • Students do not have to sign up for this award, PCC will begin notifying eligible students in July of their laptop award. 


For questions about registration or to check application status contact:   admissions@piedmontcc.edu

Laptop Specs

Lenovo IdeaPad 1, Windows 11, Intel processor, 14″ xcreen with Wireless capabilities.

* New student can also mean someone who hasn’t been registered for classes in two consecutive semesters.