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Film and Video Production Technology


The Film and Video Production Technology (FVPT) brings the real world into the classroom!

Our students develop technical skills required by the film and video industry, skills that make them highly competitive for entry-level jobs upon completion of the program.

Film and video students are taught correct, industry-standard production techniques and terminology. Each class is centered around intensive lab sessions in which students are given hands-on training that allow them to practice and apply what they have been taught during lecture.

Students are assigned crew positions on our large-scale program projects, where they’re given an opportunity to apply in a real-world setting what they have learned in the classroom and laboratory.

Film and Video Production Technology Program of Study Worksheet 

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Professional and Experienced Instructors

Our faculty and adjunct have extensive and current experience in the film and video industry.

Our full-and part-time faculty act as mentors on our large-scale projects, which reinforces what our students learn in the classroom.

Industry professionals sometimes participate in our projects so that our students receive greater insight into a particular technical area.

FVPT students develop strong networking ties with their co-horts, and former students currently working in the industry.

Facilities and Equipment

  • Lighting lab, with wooden floors that allow for fast and efficient set installation, and a grid overhead that can hold both film and broadcast lighting instruments
  • Sound-proof sound lab, complete with foley pits
  • Editing lab with 20 individual work stations
  • HD digital video cameras and digital-cinema prime lenses

Employment Outlook

Graduates of the Film & Video Production Technology program should qualify for professional, entry-level positions as production assistants, lighting technicians, makeup artists, sound recordists, camera assistants, set dressers, etc. They can further expect to advance in their department of interest through commitment and hard work, and a solid foundation built in the Film and Video Production Technology program at Piedmont Community College.

Film and Video Production Technology Diploma Employment Outlook

Film and Video Production Technology Certificate Employment Outlook

Important Links

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NC Film Office

Piedmont Triad Film Commission

Program Contacts

Rodney Jackson

Dean, Caswell County Campus

Year Hired 2018

rodney.jackson digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

(336) 694-8042



Jesse H. Knight

Coordinator/Instructor, Film and Video Production Technology

Year Hired 2016

jesse.knight digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

(336) 694-8070


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