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The Fire of Freedom begins

Mar 24, 2021

Watch the virtual performance between March 24 – April 6
Then join the Panel Discussion with Dr. Pamela Senegal and Mike Wiley on April 1, 6 – 7:15 p.m.

How To See The Performance:
There is limited virtual seating, therefore if you are interested, sign up here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScDH7sl2Enm3j6Jw3R6NHLndx4dKn7UwWiFSh60BYzrmD4JGQ/viewform?fbclid=IwAR3b7ttt5yZuX-R4ZX12aXelmnDPSUfeXcCa9D7jkIqwaMgrkgqkjpFqNrM!

You will receive an email to the performance link once the show opens on March 24, as well as a link to the April 1 Zoom Q&A with Mike Wiley and Dr. Senegal (if you select this option on the form).

Be sure to watch the virtual performance between March 24 – April 6.

The email you receive will include information specific to the show and how to log on.

If you don’t receive an email on March 24, please check your spam folder just in case. If you have any further concerns or do not receive an email, call the Kirby at (336) 597-1709.

About “THE FIRE OF FREEDOM” by Mike Wiley
Abraham H. Galloway (1837-1870) was a fiery young slave rebel, radical abolitionist, and Union spy who rose out of bondage to become one of the most significant and stirring black leaders in the South during the Civil War. Throughout his brief, mercurial life, Galloway fought against slavery and injustice. He risked his life behind enemy lines, recruited black soldiers for the North, and fought racism in the Union army’s ranks. He also stood at the forefront of an African American political movement, even leading a historic delegation of black southerners to the White House to meet with President Lincoln and to demand the full rights of citizenship. He later became one of the first black men elected to the North Carolina legislature. Long hidden from history, Galloway’s story reveals a war unfamiliar to most of us. This riveting portrait, adapted by playwright Howard Craft, illuminates Galloway’s life and deepens our insight into the Civil War and Reconstruction as experienced by African Americans in the South.

Location: online
Organizer: beth.townsend@piedmontcc.edu