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Scholarship Deadline for the PCC Foundation Awards

Nov 29, 2022

Get your scholarship application in by this date, including the two required reference letters.

Application is here: www.piedmontcc.edu/scholarships/

Curriculum Application Guidelines

  • Complete the application, including the essay questions. Tell your story in more than one sentence so the committee can have a full understanding of your current need.
  • Ask two people to provide a letter of recommendation and email them to:  pccfoundation@piedmontcc.edu
  • Please follow up with your references to make sure the reference letter is sent by the deadline. The scholarship application is considered incomplete without the references’ letter of recommendation.
  • Submit ONE application per cycle.
  • Enroll in more than 6 credit hours/semester and have a GPA of at least 2.0.
  • Scholarships awarded through the Foundation are only for use at Piedmont Community College.
  • Scholarships do not require repayment unless the terms of the scholarship are violated.
  • All scholarships are competitive and are based on criteria established by donors.

Questions about the PCC Foundation application process? Contact Tammy Duncan at (336) 322-2105 or  Tammy.Duncan@piedmontcc.edu.

Location: online
Organizer: tammy.duncan@piedmontcc.edu