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The PCC Foundation Scholarship Round for the Spring semester begins October 4 , 2021 – November 15, 2021. See External Scholarship information below for current funding options.

To apply for the PCC Foundation Scholarship visit  to complete the application and become eligible for scholarships funds. There are over 100 scholarships available for PCC Students, including the Pacer Promise Scholarship! Be sure to submit your application and required documents by November 15! These funds can be used for Spring courses at PCC. Remember to follow the Application Guidelines below! 

To be considered for a scholarship, you must complete the  Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and supply all necessary documentation to the Financial Aid office prior to the deadline. Click here to learn more about Financial Aid.

Application Guidelines

  • Complete the application, including the essay questions. Tell your story in more than one sentence so the committee can have a full understanding of your current need.
  • Provide email addresses of two references. An email is automatically sent requesting a recommendation for the scholarship. Please be sure to contact your references in advance so they are aware of the upcoming email and the deadline. The scholarship application is considered incomplete without the references’ letter of recommendation.
  • Submit ONE application per cycle.
  • Enroll in more than 6 credit hours/semester and have a GPA of at least 2.0.
  • Scholarships awarded through the Foundation are only for use at Piedmont Community College.
  • Scholarships do not require repayment unless the terms of the scholarship are violated.
  • All scholarships are competitive and are based on criteria established by donors.

Selection Process

  • The selection committee assigns numerical scores to each essay question based on content, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Scholarship application evaluations are anonymous (Applicant names, ID #s, and demographic information is omitted during the review).
  • Foundation scholarships are awarded based on the essay score and the scholarship criteria as set forth by the donor including, but not limited to, demonstrated financial need, academic information (primary major, credits completed, etc.), and academic performance (GPA).

Questions about the PCC Foundation application process? Contact Sandy Parker at 336-322-2109 or

Short-Term Training Scholarships

These applications should be submitted to Sandy is located in Building D on the Person County Campus. Telephone: 336-322-2109 * Mailing address: PCC Foundation, PO Box 1101, Roxboro, NC 27573. Applications can also be sent from your program coordinator.

  • Golden Leaf
    • $250 for credential programs with over 96 hours​

Other Scholarships from External Sources

External scholarships become available during the year through PCC’s Financial Aid Office. Information about these scholarships are posted to the scholarship bulletin board in Student Development, and e-mailed to students with additional information, and featured in the student e-newsletter.

All Majors

Transferring Student Scholarships

If you are transferring from Piedmont Community College to one of the 16 UNC System schools in North Carolina, a list of available scholarships is located here.

Scholarship Search Engines

Scholarships for Veterans and/or Family Members:

If you are a veteran of military service or a family member of a veteran, you may be eligible for special benefits. Click here for more information, or contact the Financial Aid Team at (336) 599-1181, ext. 2108 or in Building E on the Person County Campus.