In an effort to help support students in achieving high graduation and staying in college at NC community colleges, Governor Roy Cooper announced the Finish Line Grant on July 12, 2018. Many times students are faced with unforeseen financial circumstances that can impact their graduation or enrollment. These funds will help students to overcome these financial barriers to completing their training and education.

The primary objective of the Finish Line Grant is to resolve financial issues that students may encounter so they are able to focus on their studies.  


If you have any questions, please contact:

Curriculum Students
  • Person County: Financial Aid Office at (336) 599-1181, ext. 4004 
  • Caswell County: Edna H. Brown, K122 (336) 694-5707
Continuing Education Students
  • Person and Caswell County: Sandy Parker, D117, (336) 322-2109


Please use the links below for the PDF version of the application.
Please submit your completed application at the respective offices listed above.

 (To view these files you will need  Adobe Acrobat Reader )


The eligibility requirements for a student to receive the Finish Line Grant are:

  • Have a good academic standing (GPA 2.0 or better)
  • Have completed (or currently be enrolled in) at least 50% of a program’s credit hours toward a certificate, diploma, or degree (Continuing Education or Curriculum)
  • 18 years or older
  • U.S. Citizen or authorized to work in the U.S.
  • Male students must be compliant with selective services requirements
  • Typical grant amounts per student per semester are $250; the maximum total amount of grant funds allowed per student, is $1,000 per program year (July 1- June 30)

Finish Line Grant funds can be used for the following types of needs (plus others):

  • Transportation: assistance may be provided to assist the student to get to the community college or other places that support WIDA activities.
  • Tuition and Fees: assistance may be provided for students who have encountered financial hardship that has negatively impacted the student’s ability to pay for tuition and fees.
  • Housing: assistance may be provided to students to maintain or obtain adequate or temporary shelter while participating in educational activities.
  • Financial emergencies that prevent the payment of a utility bill (water, gas, and electric)

Please check the link below for other situations that would be applicable to the Finish Line Grant.

Required documents ( at least 1 of the following ):

  • Social Security Card
  • Driver’s License/Picture ID
  • Selective Service registration for male 18 and over
  • DD214- Veteran’s Status
  • Copy of bill to be paid

It is important that North Carolina Community College System receive feedback on your experience. Below is a link for a survey; your participation is greatly appreciated and your responses will remain anonymous.

Survey link:

Rachel E. Johnson
Director, Financial Aid & Veterans Affairs
(336) 322-2108 | E115

Emergency Grant recipient, Erica Ways with Governor Cooper

PCC Nursing Graduate Erica Ways shared with Governor Roy Cooper, and other guests, how emergency funds assisted her and will benefit other students.