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13 Week Classes Begin Thursday, September 5

Name Title Days Start Time End Time
ACA 122.03 College Transfer Success T/TH 10:55 AM 11:59 AM
ART 111.01 Art Appreciation M/W 9:30 AM 11:11 AM
ART 111.72 Art Appreciation Online    
ART 264.61 Digital Photography I W 5:30 PM 9 PM
ART 265.61 Digital Photography II W 5:30 PM 9 PM
BIO 168.71 Anatomy and Physiology I Online    
BUS 111.71 Introduction to Business Online    
CIS 110.72 Introduction to Computers Online    
ECO 252.71 Principles of Macroeconomics Online    
ENG 111.72 Writing and Inquiry Online    
ENG 112.72 Writing/Research in the Disc. Online    
HIS 111.72 World Civilizations I Online    
HUM 115.71 Critical Thinking Online    
MAT 143.71 Quantitative Literacy Online    
MAT 152.71 Statistical Methods I Online    
PHY 151.01 College Physics I M/W 4 PM 6:55 PM
PSY 150.62 General Psychology W 10:55 AM 12:33 PM
SOC 210.72 Introduction to Sociology Online    


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PCC offers Face-To-Face, Hybrid, Interactive Television (ITV), and Online Classes. What does this mean?

You are in the classroom with an instructor for every class. Transportation to campus is needed for face-to-face classes.

A combination of Face-to-Face and Online - You will have contact with your instructor in the classroom and will need to be motivated to complete course work online, outside of the classroom. Internet access is needed for hybrid classes.

Multiple classrooms to learn from one instructor - Students are in a classroom and the instructor location will vary. He/She may be with you face-to-face on some dates and in another classroom communicating with you through two-way audio/video technology. Transportation to campus is needed for face-to-face classes.

Class is available online 24x7 – Students must be motivated to complete their work on their own with the ability to communicate with the instructor and other students via Blackboard, an online program. Internet access is needed for online classes.

Summer and Fall 2019 Brochure

Summer and Fall 2019 Mailed Brochure (5mb)

The printed format is a combined brochure for both Curriculum classes and Continuing Education courses available for the Summer and Fall 2019 semesters. The printed brochure will be available starting on late March on both campuses and other locations in both Person and Caswell Counties. They will also be mailed to over 27,000 homes in both counties.

You must have Adobe Reader to view the downloadable version of this brochure.

Fall 2019 Curriculum and Continuing Education Schedules

Fall 2019 Curriculum Classes - Web Format 

Schedule last updated August 9, 2019

The web format is the same as the WebAdvisor format, except all classes are listed alphabetically on one single webpage. For more information on a specific class, please contact the appropriate advisor or you can find additional information within WebAdvisor


Fall 2019 Continuing Education Courses - Web Format 

Schedule last updated August 9, 2019

For more information on a specific class, please call the appropriate contact person listed on the class schedule.


Fall 2019 Curriculum Schedule on WebAdvisor

WebAdvisor offers a secure web interface that allows you to access the class schedule on PCC’s Datatel Colleague system. If you are not a current PCC student, you can view the upcoming semester’s class schedule. This allows you to look up course sections and plan out your schedule. If you are a current PCC student, you may register for classes online using the Colleague system. This option provides the most up-to-date information about classes being offered and the number of available seats at the time you view the schedule. Click here to visit WebAdvisor.