Counseling Center
The counseling staff at Piedmont Community College is dedicated to providing effective academic, career, and personal counseling services to our students. A college education is a positive and powerful asset in a person’s life. However, in achieving this education, students may encounter situations in which assistance and/or guidance is needed. The Counseling Center is here to help. The counseling staff is comprised of professional educators with extensive training in counseling and guidance. Counselors are experienced in assisting students to develop skills, discipline, and attitudes necessary for college success.

Academic Counseling

Counselors are available to assist students in identifying, planning, and achieving their academic goals. The counseling staff helps to ensure that students make satisfactory progress towards the completion of academic coursework. Counselors can assist students with the following situations and much more:

  1. Selection of Program of Study
  2. Exploring the process of transferring to another College or University
  3. Resolving Student/Instructor conflicts
  4. Improving Study Skills and Strategies

Career Counseling

The Career Service Staff is committed to providing our students and graduates with the necessary services, resources, and opportunities to define their personal career goals and prepare for future success in the job market and workplace. The Career Center assists students in exploring career interests, identifying career goals, and outlining steps needed to achieve these goals. Students who have not decided upon a career path are encouraged to make an appointment to explore career options and discuss their goals.

Personal Counseling

Counselors are available to assist students facing challenges prohibiting them from being successful in their academic, social, and personal life. Counseling sessions are short-term, on a limited basis, and confidential. Information will only be released at the request of the student. Students needing more on-going, therapeutic counseling will be referred to an outside agency.

Some of the most common problems for which students seek help include the following:

  • Difficulty concentrating or completing academic tasks
  • Family or relationship problems
  • Issues of grief and loss
  • Difficulty managing stress
  • Difficulty with self-esteem and identity
  • Relating with peers
  • Coping with academic pressures and problems
  • Lack of motivation