Library Orientation

Library Online Orientation

ACA 111, ACA 112, and ACA 122 Students

Access the Library orientation through Research Guides (online library guides) and the Library Skills through your courses using Blackboard. Once you have logged in click on Module 5: Library and Research Tools on the left hand side, and you will find all of the information that you need to complete the Library orientation.

The Gordon P. Allen Learning Commons and the Caswell LRC provide a variety of resources and services for online students. These resources and services are tools for students to use in order to help them be successful in their classes. Click on a link of a resource or a service that may be helpful to you.







Patricia A. Alghali

Student Success Counselor

Year Hired 2019

Patricia.Alghali digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

(336) 322-2220

  H 214

Lynnee' Ryan

Year Hired 2019

Lynnee.Ryan digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

(336) 322-2220


Richard H. Albright

Student Success Counselor, Transition Center

Year Hired 2019

Richard.Albright digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

(336) 322-2220

  H 214

Joey Sanders

Student Services Data/Outcome Specialist

Year Hired 2019

JDSanders57 digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

(336) 322-2148



Don Miller

Dean, Learning Commons

Year Hired 2019

Don.Miller digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

(336) 322-2154



Melissa G. Robbins

Title III Coordinator/Activity Director

Year Hired 2019

Melissa.Robbins digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

(336) 322-2220



Vanessa L. Bass

Reference Librarian

Year Hired 2001

vanessa.bass digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

(336) 322-2127