Global Distinction

As a College of Global Distinction, students attending PCC have the opportunity to earn a unique global credential.

To earn this global credential, you will need to:

  1. Successfully complete 15 credit hours of globalized classes;
  2. Participate in at least eight "PCC Passport Activities" (international activities and dialogues);
  3. Gain 30 hours of global experience through study abroad or domestic intercultural experience;
  4. Complete a capstone presentation related to your two-year experience as a global scholar.


Globalized Classes:

Students - Get started by asking your advisor to help you select "globalized" courses! Courses are being added each semester. Current globalized courses at PCC include:

  • ART 111
  • ART 114
  • ART 115
  • BIO 111     
  • HIS 111
  • HIS 112
  • ENG 111 
  • ENG 241
  • ENG 242          
  • SPA 111
  • SPA 112


PCC Passport Activities:

These activities will focus on topics from around the world! Events include:


Global Experience:

This could include travel abroad through PCC or partnering schools (scholarships may be available) or domestic intercultural experiences offered in and around our community.


Your Capstone Project:

Complete a project outlining your experience and share it with the PCC community.


Why Become a Global Scholar?

 This distinction on your diploma will give you:

  • A competitive edge in employment opportunities;
  • An academic distinction that will enhance your ability to transfer to the University of your choice;
  • A certificate of recognition from World View at UNC Chapel Hill;
  • A certificate of recognition and a letter from the PCC President;
  • An opportunity to wear the global scholar’s graduation regalia;
  • An official designation on your academic transcript;
  • Cultural competence to enhance your personal and professional future.


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