Benefits of PCC
Piedmont Community College offers a one stop center for all Student Development/Financial Aid Needs: Student Development gives students the “On-demand” service they need, daily. By recently adding a financial aid triage position, our office can better and more accurately serve each students needs. Triage allows each student to ask questions and get immediate answers and direction. Students no longer have to wait to ask those “quick questions” about whether their form was completed correctly or if all necessary paperwork has been received. This is just one more swing of the hammer towards breaking down those barriers that inhibit student success.  

Students that are in need of any service can visit the student development office any time Monday thru Friday from 8-7 and Saturday’s from 8-4 and leave with an official transcript,  having seen an academic advisor, registered for classes, applied for financial aid and or been counseled by financial aid, completed an application for admissions and so much more. Piedmont Community College prides itself on being student centered and our commitment to timely assistance for all past, present and future students is evident.