Establishing an Endowment
Your endowment is a long-term investment in Piedmont Community College. It has the ability to benefit students, programs and the community for generations to come. It also gives you the opportunity to have your name or the name of a loved one linked to an area of the College in which you have a special interest. By creating and endowed gift, you can be confident that it will grow and continue to support PCC in the future.

Providing for the Future

through an Endowment Fund

Benefit to the Donor
An endowed gift offers donors an opportunity to have their names, or the name of a loved one, linked to an area of the institution in which they have a special interest. Contributions to endowments can be made over a period of three years and are tax deductible.

Benefit to PCC
Endowments are long-term investments in the college, held in perpetuity. They provide benefits such as scholarships and support for other college programs year after year.

How Endowments Work
The original gift is invested and beginning after one (1) year of growth, the earnings are used to fulfil the purpose of the endowment.

Types of Endowments

  • Unrestricted Endowments – assist the college with addressing the most critical needs of the institution.
  • Scholarship Endowments – provide opportunities for students who may not otherwise attend college.
  • Program Endowments – fund specific programs within the PCC Foundation, such as the Student Incentive Program, Ambassador Program and more.
  • Building Endowments – encourage growth and opportunity for enhanced equipment, etc.

For additional information about creating an endowment, contact the PCC Foundation Office at (336) 599-1181, ext. 2103.