Person Campus Map
Person County Campus Buildings
The Person County campus of PCC consists of seventeen buildings all constructed since 1977. Buildings A through H were built in 1977. Building I and J were completed in the early 1980’s. Building L and M were built in the 1990’s. Building N, O, Q, R and S were built in the 2000’s with Building S, the Science and Technology Building, being the most recent with construction completed in 2009.

Building A: Includes Administration, Business Office, Information Technology and Personnel. The President, Vice Presidents and associated support staff are located in this building.

Building B: Primarily made up of classrooms but also includes Academic Computing support as well as the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.

Building C: Consists of classrooms, computer labs and faculty offices.

Building D: Includes a 2,300 square foot auditorium, teleconference space and classrooms.

Building E: Includes Maintenance with Shipping and Receiving, the Bookstore, Human Resouce Development, the Career Center, Financial Aid, and the Student Lounge including a Dining / Vending / Kitchen area. This building has three floors with elevator access to each floor.

Building F: Consists of welding lab, electronics lab, biology lab, faculty offices and classroom space.

Building G: Consists mainly of labs, classrooms and office space housing programs such as Nursing, Welding, Cosmetology and the Academic Success Center.

Building H: Houses the Learning Resource Center and the Child Development Center.

Building I: The Industrial Skills building including Gunsmithing with classroom / lab space, offices and storage space.

Building J: A Maintenance workshop.

Building L: Primarily Faculty Offices with some Distance Learning classroom space.

Building M: Classroom space for Vocational Technology Instruction.

Building O: Located in downtown Roxboro at 105 North Main Street. This building is home to the Business Development Center.

Building Q: A small storage building on campus.

Building R: A small storage building on campus.

Building S: This building is known as the Science and Technology building and includes lab and classroom space. It also includes a 3,000 square foot multi-purpose room with a kitchen.