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Piedmont Community College offers a wide variety of curriculum programs designed to prepare students for the workforce or transfer to a four year college or university. The College is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award associate degrees, diplomas and certificates. Students can choose programs that lead to an Associate in Applied Science (AAS), Associate in Arts (AA), Associate in Fine Arts - Visual Arts (AFA-VA), Associate in Arts – Teacher Preparation, and Associate in Science – Teacher Preparation degrees. 

Curriculum programs at PCC are part of the Division of Instruction. Programs are grouped in the following areas:

Each curriculum program is assisted by a program advisory committee, comprised of individuals working in that field. Program advisory committees appraise the College of changes in the field, and assist faculty in keeping each curriculum program current. Most curriculum programs also have a clinical, internship, or workforce component that provides students with real world experience.

Individuals interested in entering the workforce often choose to enroll in diploma and certificate programs. These programs focus on competencies needed to succeed in the workforce and can be completed in one or two semesters.

Complete list of Programs of Study


Program of Study Program Code CIP Code
University Transfer & General Education Programs
Associate in Arts A10100 24.0101
Associate in Arts - Teacher Preparation (NEW!)    
Associate in General Education - Nursing A1030N 51.1105
Associate in Science A10400 24.0101
Associate in Science - Teacher Preparation (NEW!)    
Associate in Fine Arts in Visual Arts A10600 24.0101
Health Sciences & Human Services Programs
Associate Degree Nursing—By Admission Only A45110 51.3801
Healthcare Management Technology, Associate A25200 51.0705
Healthcare Management Technology-Medical Coding, Certificate C25200C 51.0705
Medical Assisting, Associate—By Admission Only A45400 51.0801
Nurse Aide, Certificate C45840 51.3902
Human Services Technology, Associate A45380 51.1599
Human Services Technology-Gerontology, Associate A4538B 51.0702
Human Services Technology-Gerontology-Aging, Certificate C4538B 51.0702
Accounting & Business Administration Programs
Accounting and Finance, Associate A25800 52.0304
Accounting and Finance, Diploma D25800 52.0304
Accounting and Finance, Certificate C25800 52.0304
Business Administration, Associate A25120 52.0201
Business Administration, Diploma D25120 52.0201
Business Administration, Certificate C25120 52.0201
Business Administration-Management, Certificate C25120SM 52.0201
Business Administration-Small Business Start-Up, Certificate C25120SS 52.0201
Business Administration-Marketing, Certificate C25120K 52.0201
Occupational Technology Programs
Agribusiness Technology A15100 01.0102
Basic Foodservice, Certificate **Orange Correctional Only C55250 12.0508
Carpentry, Certificate **Orange Correctional Only C35180 46.0201
Cosmetology, Diploma D55140 12.0401
Cosmetology, Certificate C55140 12.0401
Cosmetology, Instructor, Certificate C55160 12.0413
Criminal Justice Technology, Associate A55180 43.0104
Criminal Justice Technology, Certificate A55180 43.0104
Criminal Justice Technology, Advanced Criminal Investigation, Certificate A55180 43.0104
Criminal Justice Technology-Corrections Specialist, Certificate C55180S 43.0104
Digital Effects & Animation Technology, Associate A30130 10.0304
Digital Effects & Animation Technology, Certificate C30130 10.0304
Early Childhood Education-Career Option, Associate A55220CO 13.1210
Early Childhood Education-Non-Licensure Transfer, Associate A55220NL 13.1210
Early Childhood Education-Licensure Transfer, Associate A55220TL 13.1210
Early Childhood Education, Diploma D55220 13.1210
Early Childhood Education, Certificate C55220 13.1210
Early Childhood Education - Childcare, Certificate C55220S 13.1210
Electrical Systems Technology, Associate A35130 46.0302
Electrical Systems Technology, Diploma D35130 46.0302
Electrical Systems Technology, Certificate C35130 46.0302
Electrical Systems Technology, Residential Wiring C35130RW 46.0302
Electrical Power Production Technology, Associate A50130 46.0301
General Occupational Technology, Associate A55280 24.0102
Gunsmithing, Diploma D30210 47.0402
Gunsmithing I, Certificate C3021001 47.0402
Gunsmithing II, Certificate C3021002 47.0402
Gunsmithing III, Certificate C3021003 47.0402
Gunsmithing IV, Certificate C3021004 47.0402
Gunsmithing V, Certificate C3021005 47.0402
Industrial Systems Technology, Associate A50240 15.0499
Industrial Systems Technology, Diploma D50240 15.0499
Industrial Systems Technology, Certificate C50240 15.0499
Infant/Toddler Care, Certificate C55290 19.0706
Information Technology-Business Support, Associate A25590BU 11.0103
Information Technology-Computer Programming, Associate A25590CP 11.0103
Information Technology-Web, Associate A25590WB 11.0103
Information Technology, Diploma D25590 11.0103
Information Technology, Certificate C25590CP 11.0103
Information Technology- Computer Programming, Certificate C25590CP 11.0103
Information Technology- Database Support, Certificate C25590DS 11.0103
Information Technology- Management, Certificate C25590MC 11.0103
Information Technology-Systems Security, Certificate C25590SY 11.0103
Information Technology-Mobile Web Design, Certificate C25590MW 11.0103
Information Technology-Web Developer, Certificate C25590WD 11.0103
Mechatronics Engineering Technology, Associate A40350 15.0403
Mechatronics Engineering Technology, Diploma D40350 15.0403
Mechatronic Engineering Technology, Certificate C40350 15.0403
Medical Office Administration, Certificate C25310 51.0705
Medical Office Administration-Electronic Health Records, Certificate C25310E 51.0705
Office Administration, Associate A25370 52.0204
Office Administration, Diploma D25370 52.0204
Office Administration, Certificate C25370 52.0204
Office Administration-Office Specialist, Certificate C25370OS 52.0204
Public Safety Administration - Correction Services, Associate A55480CS 43.9999
Public Safety Administration - Emergency and Fire Management, Associate A55480EF 43.9999
Public Safety Administration - Law Enforcement, Associate A55480LE 43.9999
Public Safety Administration - Security and Loss Prevention, Associate A55480SL 43.9999
Welding Technology, Diploma D50420 48.0508
Welding Technology-Basic, Certificate C50420 48.0508
Welding Technology-Intermediate, Certificate C50420I 48.0508
Non-Degree, Diploma or Certificate Programs
Special Student (No CIP) T90990  
BSKP Student (Assigned students only) (No CIP) T90950