Pacer Advising Mission

The mission of Pacer Advising is to engage students in a collaborative partnership where students are empowered to develop meaningful goals and skills and provide access to impactful resources that support students’ personal and professional attainment

Pacer Advising Values

Pacer Advising exemplifies PCC values through:

  • Connections: Connecting students to caring people in an inclusive and supportive environment.
  • Transformative Learning: Fostering transformative learning experiences through clear educational pathways and increasing access to resources that promote student success.
  • Diversity: Celebrating diversity and demonstrating high standards of integrity and excellence through continuous professional development.

Find Your Advisor and Schedule an Appointment

Piedmont Community College advisors are here to help you make great choices for classes and your career goals! To schedule an appointment with your advisor, click the link below and locate your program of study. Then, click to book an appointment with your assigned advisor.

Our Academic Advising Team

Our Academic Advising team is here to help you succeed at PCC. We’ll assist you in selecting the courses that will put you on the right path toward your ultimate goal.

Allegra Modlin

Director, Advising

Edna Brown

Director, Student Development

Deborah Flowers

Coordinator, Transition Center

Dr. Patricia Alghali

Academic Advisor

Aubree Williams

Academic Advisor

Bernadette Bailey

Academic Advisor

Student Resources