Faculty and staff at Piedmont Community College recognize the importance of exploring and improving strategies to verify the identities of distance learning students. The College will use an application/building block in Blackboard known as Acxiom, which will strengthen students‘ user IDs and passwords by adding new processes and technology to increase academic integrity and ensure proper use of federal student aid. When you click on the test link, you will be asked to enter your address. This information is authenticated in Acxiom's database and identity questions unique to the user are generated.

The identity verification process takes place over a secure connection between the end user and Acxiom. PCC does not have access to the detailed data of what questions were asked by the system and what the student answered. Acxiom only provides PCC a report of student enrollments and the percentage of correct responses. PCC uses the report to investigate as necessary. Acxiom retains the results for 90 days, during which time it will be available for reporting purposes only. Thereafter, the records will be archived for 7 years. The retention and storage locations are secure and SAS-70 certified.

Technical Tips

  • Acxiom works best with Internet Explorer 7 or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Having multiple windows open can prevent Acxiom from opening and generating identity questions. It is best to have Blackboard as the only window open on your computer.
  • It can sometimes take several minutes for identification questions to load. Please be patient.
  • Do not hit the back button or minimize the page while you are waiting for questions to load.
  • Use an address that you have had for at least six months.
  • If you fill in your address and no identification questions are generated for you or if you receive an error message, please wait one hour (lockout period) before completing the request again.