Faculty Resources
Blackboard (Bb) is PCC’s selected learning management system. A Blackboard course site, or shell, is automatically created for every PCC course whether taught on campus or online.

Blackboard allows you to create an online learning environment for your students. In this environment you can post your syllabus, lecture notes, PowerPoint presentations, and so much more. Additionally, you can communicate with your students using synchronous (chat) and asynchronous communication (announcements, discussions, and e-mail) methods. You can also manage an online grade book and track student activities.

If this is your first time using Blackboard and/or teaching via this medium, contact Dr. Libbie McPhaul-Moore, 336-322-2220, or via e-mail at libbie.mcphaul-moore@piedmontcc.edu to schedule training.

Blackboard Resources

Blackboard's suite of tools is designed to engage learners of all levels. Learn how you can get started navigating and editing your Blackboard course site, use of Discussions, Grade Book and more from the resources listed below.

Blackboard On Demand Learning Center
Access Blackboard's extensive collection of manuals, quick start guides, and tutorials. 

PCC's Resources for Distance Education Faculty contains support materials including forms and procedures.  Access the Faculty Resources site through Blackboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to Blackboard?

Your username is a combination of your first initial, middle initial, last name, and the last 2 digits of your employee identification number.  Your password for Blackboard is the same as the password you use for your Windows/network login. Contact Shawn O'Hara for assistance with your login information.   Access PCC's Blackboard site by going to https://courses.piedmontcc.edu

What if I don't see my course in Blackboard?

If you do not see your course listed in Blackboard and you are an instructor, please confirm that your department has correctly updated the Instructor information in Datatel.

Unavailable is listed next to my course, what does that mean?

When unavailable is listed beside a course, this means that the course is still unavailable to the students enrolled in this course. Users at the Instructor level will still be able to view the course.

How do I create my course site in Blackboard?

Course shells are automatically generated in Blackboard at least eight weeks before the start of a new semester according to the information updated in Datatel by your division secretary.

When are student enrollments added to my course site?

Student registration in courses in Datatel is imported into Blackboard daily. Please note that students who unenroll in a course in Datatel will not automatically be unenrolled in Blackboard. For the first three weeks of the semester, you should use Datatel or WebAdvisor to generate an up to date attendance list.

Why can't students see my course?

Courses must be made available in order for the students to see that they are enrolled in the course.

Select the course you want to make available.
  1. Click on the Control Panel.
  2. Click on Customization.
  3. Click on Properties .
  4. Click on Yes and Submit.

These steps will make the course available, and allow students access into your Blackboard course.

When do course sites become unavailable to students?

The default setting for courses is for them to be unavailable. Once you have made your course available it will remain available unless you make it unavailable. Courses should be made unavailable at the end of the semester.

How do I remove course sites from my Blackboard course list?

Courses cannot be manually deleted from Blackboard but will be removed from the system after two years. In order to customize the list of courses that are displayed on your Welcome screen, just click on the little pencil icon on the "My Courses" module and uncheck the boxes of the courses you do not want displayed in the first column.

Can I copy content from my old course site to my current course site?

Yes, to copy course content from an old course site into your current course site do the following:
  1. Click on the course that you want to copy from
  2. Go to the Control Panel
  3. Click on Packages and Utilities
  4. Click on Course Copy
  5. Click on Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course
  6. Click Browse and then click Select next to the course that you want to copy materials into
  7. Put a check in the boxes next to the areas of the course that you want to copy
  8. Click Submit

A student in my course cannot log in to Blackboard. What should he/she do?

First, check to see if the student is included in your Blackboard course roster. If not, contact Dr. Libbie McPhaul-Moore, libbie.mcphaul-moore@piedmontcc.edu.

How do I add a student to my course site?

Student registration in courses in Datatel is imported into Blackboard daily.  Contact Dr. Libbie McPhaul-Moore, libbie.mcphaul-moore@piedmontcc.edu if you believe there is a problem.

How do I add another instructor to my course site?

Contact Dr. Libbie McPhaul-Moore, libbie.mcphaul-moore@piedmontcc.edu.

How do I remove a user from my course site?

You should not delete users from courses as this will result in the deletion of all student work and records in the course. Instead, you can modify their enrollment availability by going to the Control Panel and:
  1. Click on “Users and Groups”
  2. Click “Users”
  3. From within the search window, type the Last Name of the student and press "Search"
  4. When the list arrives, click on the options menu beside the student’s Blackboard username
  5. Choose “Change user’s availability in course”
  6. Select No and click “Submit”