Contact an Advisor

Online advising provides PCC students or prospective students with a resource to ask general questions that pertain to reaching their educational and personal goals at Piedmont Community College.  Keep in mind that not all questions can be answered in full by this service.  Some questions may require an appointment with an advisor or counselor on campus.  Please be aware that because of the nature of the Internet and e-mail technology, there can be no assurance of confidentiality when using this online service.

All online messages will be reviewed and transmitted to a qualified staff member ready to best answer your questions.  Responses will be handled in a timely manner based on staff availability.

This service is not appropriate for:

  1. personal crisis counseling
  2. placement test results or recommendations
  3. transcript evaluations
  4. transferability of courses from other colleges

This service is appropriate for information such as:

  1. clarification of college procedures and policies
  2. certificate, degree, and transfer requirements
  3. course prerequisites
  4. course offerings and majors available
  5. referrals to other campus programs and services

Have a question?  Contact Dr. Libbie McPhaul-Moore, Special Assistant to the Vice-President of Instruction and Student Development for Distance Education and Strategic Initiatives