Financial Aid

Completing the FAFSA

  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at
  • Be sure to submit your signature electronically with your FSA ID 
  • Mail-in applications are available for print at

Student Aid Report

  • Student receives a Student Aid Report, by mail or by e-mail if the e-mail address is provided
  • Student Aid Report indicates students and/or parents ability to assist with payment of educational cost. This numerical value is called the EFC (Expected Family contribution)
  • Schools listed on the FAFSA will receive an Institutional Student Information Record
  • School receives the Institutional Student Information Record and determines if additional documents are needed from the student and/or parents


  • Students are mailed an award letter which indicates the amount of financial aid they are eligible to receive (Pell, SEOG, NC Community College Grant, NC Education Lottery Scholarship)
  • Unless noted, the award letter is based on Full Time Enrollment-12 hours or more. Additional paperwork regarding Financial Aid policies will be included
  • Students are able to charge their books and supplies in the bookstore during the dates scheduled for that term. The schedule is mailed with the award letter.

2017-2018 FORMS

Authorization Form

Independent Household Size

Dependent Household Size

Student Nontax Filer Form

Parent Nontax Filer Form

Unusual Enrollment Form


Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Request-Fall 2017

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Note:  Excerpt from Piedmont Community College Financial Aid Policy and Procedures Manual

Current Scholarships

Back to School Nursing Scholarship

Bank Mobile Scholarship

Distracted Driver Scholarship

HIE Help Center Scholarship

Platt Family Scholarship

Resume Companion Scholarship

Top Medical Assistant Scholarship

Vegetarian Video Scholarship

WaterGadget Scholarship

Zelus Recovery Scholarship

CourseHorse North Carolina Learner's Scholarship

Digital Privacy Scholarship

Leaders Save Lives Scholarship

Do-Over Scholarship

Lift Parts Express Scholarship 

Speedy Paper Scholarship

The Sleep Advisor Scholarship Program

Nursing Schools Almanac Scholarship

E-waste Scholarship

SECU Foundation Scholarship (People Helping People)

Wells Fargo College Steps Sweepstakes

Johnson & Johnson Nursing Scholarships

Scholarships for Military Families


Transtutors Essay Scholarship

Digital Responsibility Scholarship


DoD Armed Forces/Veteran

Marine Corps League Scholarship

North Carolina Vietnam Veterans, Inc. Scholarship Program

American Legion Legacy Scholarships

American Veterans Scholarships

Paralyzed Veterans of America Scholarship Program

Veterans of Foreign Wars Scholarships

Richard T. Nuske Memorial Scholarship