Reference Services

Reference Service is assistance that will help you find the information you need. Librarians can help you find particular information, suggest sources on a topic, help with search terms, or consult with you in other ways to help you find what you need and learn more about how to find information. The Gordon P. Allen Learning Commons and the Caswell Learning Commons provide several types of Reference services to students, faculty, staff, and the community that are listed below:

Library Instruction

Library instruction plays a large role in the Libraries commitment to prepare students in navigating the information and becoming lifelong learners. Piedmont Community College is a teaching institution where librarians teach formal classes in:

General library orientation: how to find and evaluate information in the library.

Research specific instruction: how to find and evaluate information on selected research using the library and Internet.

Tours: how to locate the resources in the library.

Faculty members are free to request a class with one of the librarians for general library orientation, subject-specific instruction, or tours using the library instruction form - Person County Campus or Caswell County Campus. You must sign up at least two weeks prior to the requested date for your session. This allows the librarian to deliver the best service possible for your class.


E-mail Reference Receive an answer from one of the PCC librarians within 48 hours through your e-mail excluding Saturdays and Sundays - Person County Campus or Caswell County Campus.

LibAnswers - It's not just reference service; it's customer service with FAQs and chat with one of the librarians.

Telephone Reference – Please call the Gordon P. Allen Learning Commons, Person County Campus at (336) 599-1181, ext. 4001 or the Caswell Learning Commons, Caswell County Campus at (336) 694-5707, ext. 8072 for reference question.

Research Guides

Online general and subject-specific research guides are available through the Library. The purpose of these guides is to introduce some of the key resources available in the Library. These guides are a starting point from which students can begin to compile sources relevant to specific topics.

Plagiarism Policy

7.5.1 PLAGIARISM (PCC Student Handbook)

Whether intentional or unintentional, plagiarism is "the wrongful act of taking the product of another person's mind and presenting it as one's own" (Alexander Lindey, Plagiarism and Originality, 1952).

The following acts are examples of intentional plagiarism:

Copying material from a published source to avoid having to devise one's own ideas;

Failing to give clear and proper credit to an idea, phrase, or quotation taken from a source;

Purchasing a per-written paper; and

Having someone other than the stated author complete an assignment, or part of an assignment.

Reference Staff

Need help with finding information? Contact the Reference staff for assistance with research, finding information, library tours, and using the databases and online catalog.

Vanessa Bass, Reference Librarian - H112 - (336) 322-2127

Joey Sanders, Librarian - H207 - (336) 322-2221

Copyright Law

Libraries are leaders in trying to educate the faculty, staff, and students about copyright law in higher education in keeping with the principles written in the Constitution. The Gordon P. Allen Learning Commons and the Caswell Learning Commons assist students, faculty, and staff in copyright issues in the search and delivery of education.