Off-Campus Access Instructions

The Off-Campus Access form is not working currently. Please e-mail Vanessa Bass, Reference Librarian, at with the subject line "NC LIVE Password Request".

Off-Campus Access Information and Policy


Off-Campus access is available to currently registered students at Piedmont Community College and to currently employed faculty and staff. Patrons may not share the password.

Access to Internet-based resources provided by Piedmont Community College is intended to support the research, educational, and administrative purposes of the college. By signing or electronically submitting the registration form, the individual agrees to abide by the PCC Computer & Network User Guidelines, consents to receive periodic e-mail updates (password changes and database updates), and agrees to maintain a valid and current e-mail account. Misuse may result in loss of library privileges, disciplinary action by the college, and/or legal prosecution by the College and/or North Carolina Libraries for Virtual Education (NC LIVE).

The license agreements between NC LIVE and their database vendors authorize academic libraries to provide remote access to their students, faculty, and staff only. Remote access for the general public will be provided by public libraries. The local institution may not change, alter, or violate this regulation. Individuals must access NC LIVE using their own Internet Service Provider.


After the registration form is submitted, the Library staff will confirm that a student is currently enrolled. For faculty or staff registrations, the Library staff will confirm with the Personnel Office that the individual is currently employed. After confirming current enrollment or employment, the Library staff will e-mail the NC Live password to the applicant within 48 hours, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. If this e-mail message is returned undelivered for any reason (“user unknown,” “account over quota,” “message undeliverable,” etc.), the application process ends.

Confirmations of enrollment or employment will be made each time a new password is issued (a password is valid for twelve months).

Please fill-out the form completely with your PCC student e-mail address (students only) or your e-mail address at your place of residence (faculty and/or staff only).

  • Students ONLY – Use your PCC student e-mail address – PCC student e-mail address is - first initial, second initial, full last name, last two digits of your PCC ID number, and
  • Faculty and staff ONLY – Use your residential e-mail address 

Troubleshooting Technical Issues

What is JavaScript and how do I enable it? Why am I experiencing JavaScript errors? JavaScript is the key to some of the dynamic functionality on the NC LIVE web site. If you are receiving JavaScript errors, your browser may not have JavaScript enabled. We use JavaScript for a few reasons, including the ability to forward you automatically to the chosen resource. To enable JavaScript in your browser, click on Tools, and then Internet Options.To Access NC LIVE

  1. Type in your address bar

  2. Press enter.

  3. A login page will appear. Select Piedmont Community College as your library. In the next blank type the password.

  4. CLICK SUBMIT.You may now begin using NC LIVE.

By electronically submitting this form, you agree to abide by the PCC Technology Resources Acceptable Use and you consent to receive periodic e-mail updates of password changes and database updates.

Off-Campus Access Form

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