Course Information

Fall 2016

ACA 122.61C/P College Transfer
ACA 111.71 College Student Success
ACC 120.41C/P Principles of Financial Accounting
ACC 120.71 Principles of Financial Accounting
ACC 129.71 Individual Income Taxes
ACC 140.71 Payroll Accounting
ACC 220.71 Intermediate Accounting I
ART 111.71 Art Appreciation
ART 111.72 Art Appreciation
BIO 111.71 General Biology I
BIO 112.61P General Biology II
BIO 163.62P Basic Anatomy and Physiology
BUS 110.41C/P Introduction to Business
BUS 110.71 Introduction to Business
BUS 115.41P/C Business Law I
BUS 115.71 Business Law I
BUS 121.71 Business Math
BUS 125.71 Personal Finance
BUS 153.71 Human Resource Management
BUS 260.71 Business Communication
CHM 131.61P Introduction to Chemistry
CHM 131A.61P Introduction to Chemistry Lab
CHM 131.71 Introduction to Chemistry 
CHM 131A.71 Introduction to Chemistry Lab
CIS 110.61C/P Introduction to Computers
CIS 110.71 Introduction to Computers
CIS 110.72 Introduction to Computers 
CJC 111.71 Intro to Criminal Justice
CJC 121.41C/P Law Enforcement Operations
CJC 132.71 Court Procedure & Evidence
CJC 141.71 Corrections
CJC 212.71 Ethics & Community Relations
COM 231.71 Public Speaking
COM 231.72 Public Speaking
CSC 139.71 Visual BASIC Programming
CSC 251.71 Advanced JAVA Programming
CTI 110.61P Web, Pgm, & Db Foundation
CTS 130.71 Spreadsheet
DBA 110.71 Database Concepts
ECO 151.41C/P Survey of Economics
ECO 251.41C/P Principles of Microeconomics
ECO 251.71 Principles of Microeconomics
ECO 252.71 Principles of Macroeconomics
EDU 119.71 Intro to Early Child Education
EDU 144.71 Child Development I
EDU 146.71 Child Guidance
EDU 151.71 Creative Activities
EDU 221.71 Children with Exceptionality
EDU 261.71 Early Childhood Admin I
EDU 280.71 Language & Literacy Exp
ENG 111.41C/P Writing and Inquiry
ENG 111.61P Writing and Inquiry
ENG 111.62P Writing and Inquiry
ENG 111.63P Writing and Inquiry
ENG 111.71 Writing and Inquiry
ENG 112.41C/P Writing/Research in the Disc
ENG 112.71 Writing/Research in the Disc
HIS 111.71 World Civilization
HSE 110.71 Intro to Human Services
HSE 125.61P Counseling
HSE 210.71 Human Services Issues
HUM 160.71 Introduction to Film
MAT 143.61P Quantitative Literacy
MAT 143.62P Quantitative Literacy
MAT 143.71 Quantitative Literacy
MAT 152.61P Statistical Methods I
MAT 171.61P Precalculus Algebra
MAT 171.71 Precalculus Algebra
MAT 172.61P Precalculus Trigonometry
MED 121.71 Medical Terminology I
MED 122.72 Medical Terminology II
MKT120.71 Principles of Marketing
NOS 110.71 Operating Systems
NOS 230.71 Window Administration I
OST 136.71 Word Processing
OST 140.71 Internet Comm/Research
OST 181.71 Intro to Office Systems
OST 184.71 Records Management
PED 110.71 Fit and Well for Life
PSY 150.61P General Psychology
PSY 150.62P General Psychology
PSY 150.71 General Psychology
PSY 241.41C/P Developmental Psychology
PSY 241.71 Developmental Psychology
PSY 281.61P Abnormal Psychology
SEC 110.71 Security Concepts
SOC 210.61P Introduction to Sociology
SOC 210.71 Introduction to Sociology 
SOC 220.71 Social Problems
SWK 220.71 Swk Issues in Client Services
WBL 115.71 Work-Based Learning Seminar I
WEB 115.71 Web Markup and Scripting
WEB 180.71 Active Server Pages
WEB 214.61P Social Media

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