My Grade Overview
To check your grades, click "Course Tools" then "My Grades." You will only see your own grades. Blackboard may show only the total number of points possible for each assignment and your score. The total points possible for the course may include work which you haven't been assigned yet.

To turn any score into a percentage, divide the number of points you received by the number of points possible. Most importantly, if you have any question about grades, please contact your instructor.

Follow the steps below to open the My Grades page.

  1. Open a Course.
  2. Click Tools on the Course Menu.
  3. Select My Grades.

The My Grades page includes information, subject to the permission of the Instructor, on the following:

  1. The user's average Assessment Grade.
  2. The total number of points the user has accumulated.
  3. Details about each Assessment.
  4. Information about the class average on each Assessment.
  5. Grade weighting. This is the relative importance of the item when determining a final Grade.
  6. Information on the Grades for multiple attempts (where multiple attempts are available for an Assessment)

Watch a video!

Checking Your Grades (2:39)