In your course, you may be asked to participate in projects with other students. It is possible that you will be placed in online discussion groups where you will be expected to have meaningful dialogue with a small number of other students in the course. It is also possible that you will team with other members of the course to complete an in-depth research project. If you encounter a peer group project assignment in any module you are working through, please review the instructions for the assignment very carefully. If you discover that your class requires your participation in peer group projects, the following information will be helpful for you to communicate with the other members in your group(s).

Group Pages

If you go to the "Group Pages" link in the "Tools" segment of your course (not available in all courses), you will find a number of ways to connect with the other members in your specified group(s). These options are available to you if selected for you by your instructor:

  • Discussion Board
  • Virtual Chat
  • File Exchange
  • Blog
  • Wiki
  • Send E-Mail

To discover more about these options and how to use them, please follow these instructions: Click on the "Help" button at the left of your screen.Click on the "Courses and Content" button.Click on the "Course Groups" link.Read through the directions on how to use the features in the Group Pages section of the course.Contact your instructor if you have any questions about communicating with other members of your group(s) with Group Pages.

Watch a video!

Working in Groups (1:29)