Edit Personal Information

The information that appears in an account profile can be edited on the Edit Personal Information page. Changes made on the Edit Personal Information page are reflected throughout Blackboard Learn.

How to Edit Personal Information

Select Personal Information from My Places (upper right-hand corner of the screen). Make changes to the appropriate fields and click Submit.

Change Password

Account passwords can be changed from Change Password in My Places. Due to security, it is recommended that users do not use common personal information as their password, such as their name or nickname. It is recommended that users change their passwords periodically to ensure security.

Set Privacy Options

The Set Privacy Options page allows users to choose the information they would like to make publicly available. This information appears in Rosters and Group pages. Users may also select to make this information available in the User Directory. If an email address is not made available it does not appear in the Roster, Group pages, User Directory, the Collaboration Tool or in any other part of the application.

Watch a Video!
Editing Personal Information (1:43)
Changing Your Password (1:17)
Setting Your Privacy Options (1:54)