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Lisa M. Palmer

Institutional Researcher

Calendar   Year Hired 1999
Category   Staff

Telephone Number Icon  (336) 322-2164

Location Icon  B115

Education and Credentials

A.G.E.-Piedmont Community College
B.B.A.-North Carolina Central University


Christina Perry


Calendar   Year Hired 2016

Telephone Number Icon  (336) 322-2243

Location Icon  E137

Education and Credentials

B.A.-Middlebury College
M.Ed.-Harvard University


Karen D. Peterson

Youth WIOA Career Coach/Instructor, Workforce Development

Calendar   Year Hired 2017
Category   Faculty

Telephone Number Icon  (336) 322-2188

Location Icon  E113

Education and Credentials

B.A.-The University of North Carolina at Charlotte 
M.Ed.-The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 


Amy W. Pleasant


Calendar   Year Hired 2012
Category   Staff

Telephone Number Icon  (336) 322-2116

Location Icon  E103

Education and Credentials


Martha A. Pruitt

Administrative Assistant to the Dean, Caswell County Campus

Calendar   Year Hired 2006
Category   Staff

Telephone Number Icon  (336) 694-8060

Location Icon  K107

Education and Credentials

A.A.-National College of Business and Technology