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Heather R. Albert

Director/Instructor, EMS and Fire Programs

   Year Hired 2017

heather.albert digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

  (336) 694-4013, (336) 322-2114

  Public Safety Training Ctr, E114


Education and Credentials

A.A.-American Intercontinental University
B.S.-American Intercontinental University


Roy E. Allen

Instructor, Criminal Justice Technology

   Year Hired 2017

roy.allen digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

  (336) 322-2194



Education and Credentials

A.A.S.-Alpena Community College
B.A.-The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
M.J.A.-Methodist University


Lenny Jovana Amaro

Purchasing Officer/Accountant

   Year Hired 2016

jovana.amaro digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

  (336) 322-2122



Education and Credentials

B.B.A.-Florida Atlantic University


Tonia Armstrong

Instructor, Criminal Justice Technology

   Year Hired 2000

tonia.armstrong digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

  (336) 694-4212 ext 332

  Bartlett Yancey High School


Education and Credentials

B.S.- Averett College
M.S.-University of Wisconsin-Platteville


Alicia E. Ashley

Executive Administrative Assistant to the Vice President, Continuing Education/Internal Records Coordinator

   Year Hired 2004

alicia.ashley digat piedmontcc-digdot-edu

  (336) 322-2113



Education and Credentials

A.A.S.-Piedmont Community College