Student wins scholarship to travel abroad with PCC; Trip to Canada open to public

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Piedmont Community College (PCC) is hosting an educational travel experience to Canada on March 31 – April 4, 2018 and Mikala Robertson, a student in PCC’s business administration program, will be joining the group thanks to an International Study Scholarship created by faculty and staff at the College.

“I believe that I would be a good representative of PCC during the study abroad experience because, like many other students, I do not get to experience some of the worlds’ most beautiful creations due to money issues,” Mikala wrote in her application.

In 2010, Mikala and her family experience a tragic house fire that not only destroyed their possessions but also their family. “In the same year, I lost my grandpa and also my father. We have been trying to rebuild emotionally and physically since then.” She said that for several months they struggle to pay the bills, but shares, “I am grateful for the people and things that I still have - I have to continue with my life. “

Applying for and being awarded the scholarship was a tremendous step and Mikala hopes an experience like this will help her “figure out what I want in life and from my education.” She shared that she also hope that the travel experience, knowing that she was granted the trip through her scholarship application, will “make my family and dad proud. Scholarships are extremely helpful for those who need them.”

Katie Hester, PCC Travel Abroad Program Advisor; Mikala Robertson, International Study Scholarship RecipientPiedmont Community College offers a travel abroad experience each year. Previously the travelers, comprised of PCC faculty, staff, family, and individuals from the general public, have travelled to Ireland, Italy, and Greece.

This year’s trip to Canada will take the participants to Québec and Montréal where they will enjoy a taste of France with Québec’s cobbled streets, outdoor cafés, and crêperies. The trip will also provide a visit to Montmorency Falls, water falls that are 98 feet taller than Niagara Falls, as well as an opportunity to explore Montréal’s shops, hotels, and offices in its 19 mile underground city.

As part of the scholarship program, hosted through the PCC Foundation office, the recipient must have a grade point average of 2.5 or higher, submit an application along with two letters of recommendation, and offer a presentation of the travel experience to the PCC community upon return.

“I am so excited Mikala Robertson is our first International Study Scholarship recipient and that she’ll be joining PCC in traveling to Canada in 2018, commented Katie Hester, PCC’s advisor for the travel abroad program. “Mikala is ecstatic about this opportunity and can't wait to share her experience with other students”.

Katie goes on to remind potential donors of the opportunities they create with their generous gifts. “When you give to the PCC Foundation you have the opportunity to help students in and out of the classroom. Donations are currently being accepted for the International Study Scholarship. If enough funds are raised, we can award another scholarship in the near future to a deserving student.

PCC’s travel abroad program offers an educational and cultural experience and is lead by a full-time tour guide. Those interested in travelling with PCC to Canada in 2018, or any future abroad excursions, should contact Katie at or (336) 322-2240. Additional tour details and prices can be found at

To make an end of year contribution to PCC’s International Study Scholarship, contact Allison Satterfield at or (336) 322-2104.

Photo: Katie Hester, PCC Travel Abroad Program Advisor; Mikala Robertson, International Study Scholarship Recipient