Piedmont Community College’s Presidential Search Committee holds first meeting

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by Elizabeth Townsend

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The Piedmont Community College (PCC) Presidential Search Committee met on March 14 on the College’s Person County Campus. PCC Board of Trustees Chairman Bayard Crumpton presided over the meeting and, on behalf of the Board of Trustees, expressed appreciation to the 28 member committee for their assistance in the selection process of choosing a President for Piedmont Community College.

Prior to introducing Dr. Donny Hunter, President of National Search and Education Consulting, Crumpton commented that the PCC Board of Trustees members “respect your opinion and your ability to analyze the quality traits of candidates. What you share with us today and in the next two Presidential Search Committee meetings will be highly considered as we make the ultimate decision.”

He also stressed that the “final decision rests squarely on the shoulders of the 15 Trustees”.

Dr. Hunter then spoke to the Presidential Search Committee, explaining that they had been selected to represent many areas of the community from both Person and Caswell Counties. He noted that the committee’s input is very valuable to the Board and the Board members will “truly consider the recommendations of the Presidential Search Committee as it moves forward in the journey to select a new President.”

Dr. Hunter went on to explain that prior to the March 14 meeting he reviewed over 35 applications for the President’s position. He recommended 25 applicants to the committee, noting that these candidates meet the requirements as specified in the Presidential Profile approved by the Board of Trustees.

The committee was asked to review the 25 applications before the next meeting, ranking their top 12 in order. The committee was reminded that, out of respect for the candidates being considered, the entire process is confidential.

The next Presidential Search Committee meeting is scheduled for March 28. During this meeting the top 12 applicants will be selected and asked to submit a DVD whereby they should respond to several prepared questions asked of all candidates.

During the final Presidential Search Committee meeting in late April, the pool will be tapered to six candidates. The PCC Board of Trustees will personally interview these six candidates and select their top choice prior to the June 12 State Board of Community Colleges meeting. It is the Board’s desire to announce the fifth President of PCC around mid-May 2017 with an anticipated start date of July 1, 2017.

For progress reports on the presidential search, visit http://www.piedmontcc.edu/Presidential-Search/Progress-Report.