PCC’s Chief Academic Officer Appointed to Advisory Board of the North Carolina Student Success Center

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Dr. Joyce Johnson, PCC’s Vice President for Instruction and Student Development, was recently appointed to the new North Carolina Student Success Center’s Advisory Board.
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The Success Center offers ongoing and significant support for colleges and practitioners to accelerate and sustain innovations that dramatically improve student success and completion rates. Dr. Johnson believes that this is one of the most important appointments of her career in higher education, noting, “Today, college remains the greatest driver of socioeconomic mobility in this country, but if we don’t do more to ensure access to every qualified student as well as successful completion of a program once they gain admission, an increasing number of Americans will not get an education. One of the North Carolina Student Success Center’s goals is to develop and implement initiatives to guarantee that increase retention, persistence and graduation rates of enrolled students.”

Advisory board members will serve as liaisons between their respective organizations and the Student Success Center and will represent and communicate valuable perspectives in a networked community of practitioners dedicated to student success.

Members will also help to guide and govern the Student Success Center in its essential role as a state-wide resource and advocacy provider. Specifically, advisory board members will help the Student Success Center develop a strategic action plan to identify priorities and implementation timelines; build capacity to serve all colleges, employees, and students; foster relationships and connections across the various sectors within the system and among education and workforce partners; evaluate activities, gauge impact, and ensure relevance; and advise on practices and policies that increase significant learning outcomes and student success at the college and state levels.

Dr. Johnson is one of 19 members of the North Carolina Student Success Center Advisory Board. She represents the North Carolina Student Development Administrators Association.

Other members will represent the NC Community College Faculty Association, Workforce Development Leadership Committee, NC Association of Instructional Administrators, NC Association of Distance Learning, Chief Information Officer Association, NC Association of Community College Presidents, NC Community College System President, NC Department of Public Instruction, The University of North Carolina system, Governor’s Senior Education Advisor, Workforce Solutions for NC Commerce, John M. Belk Endowment, NC Independent Colleges and Universities, NC Association of Workforce Development Boards, Community College Planning and Research Professionals, Basic Skills Advisory Board, NC Community College Comprehensive SGA, and the NC Association of Business Office Professionals.

Advisory board members serve for either two- or three- year terms with an opportunity for reappointment.